Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Did Megan Fox's Engagement Then Marriage To Brian Austin Green Hamper Her Career


Megan Fox

Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, became famous from the "Transformers" movie series, but was axed from the third installment in the film, for calling director Michael Bay "Hitler" due to his verbal abusiveness and sexually demeaning conduct on set. Not that Fox is that sweet in interviews either, which keeps getting the mouthy actress into trouble.

Brian Austin Green and wife Megan Fox

In Hollywood the air of availability often helps the careers of actresses, especially where horndog directors are concerned. They will hire you just to sleep with you. Bay didn't hire Fox for her acting abilities, as she has very little. He hired her for her looks. After all, her audition was to wash his sports car (and other things as well - hint hint) whilst  wearing next to nothing.

Megan Fox

Fox, had no money when she came to Hollywood, but was hungry for fame. Bay always resented Fox's boyfriend, whom she later married, actor, Brian Austin Green. However, marriage is always the right thing and people should not be sexually harassed or objectified to get a job.