Friday, June 11, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Slammed By L.A.

Lindsay Lohan

Readers of the Los Angeles Times overwhelmingly believe, troublemaking Hollywood lout, Lindsay Lohan, is receiving special treatment from, Judge Marsha Revel, in her criminal trial, for driving under the influence of alcohol, where she was also arrested with cocaine in her pants pocket.

Lohan has repeatedly and flagrantly violated the terms of her DUI probation, directly disobeying the judge's orders on a regular basis, but has not been incarcerated, much to the annoyance of Los Angelinos (not to mention the rest of the nation).

Message boards are ram packed with comments denouncing her conduct, so much so, her lawyer in a separate civil case, where Lohan is the defendant, has informed the judge in writing that too many people have very negative feelings towards her, which shall bar her from obtaining a fair trial. However, whose fault is that, as Lohan is not innocent and created this negative image all on her own.

STORY SOURCE: Readers think the judge in Lindsay Lohan's case is giving special treatment