Thursday, June 3, 2010

FBI/DOJ Still Not Prepared For Possible WMD Attack

Attorney General, Eric Holder, who heads up the Department of Justice (DOJ)

Inspector General, Glenn A. Fine, released a report this week stating the FBI's parent agency, the Department of Justice, is not ready in the event America is hit by a terror attack that uses weapons of mass destruction. It was also reported, "In January, a bipartisan commission gave the Obama administration and Congress an "F" for its preparation for a biological attack."

This is not the first time the Inspector General has warned the DOJ of serious shortcomings in this area of law enforcement, having reprimanded its agency, the FBI, for the very same thing a year ago.

Even the Judiciary Report wrote about the FBI's national security failures and lack of preparation, regarding its Weapons of Mass Destruction department, a year prior to the Inspector General's original warning, which illustrates both the FBI and DOJ had ample time to fix the problems that pose a threat to national security. The FBI made some changes, but the DOJ did nothing.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Fine's current report also notes, the FBI's Washington field office is the only one that is prepared out of all the federal agencies, for such an attack. What about the rest of the nation. Since when is America one state. Why is the FBI/DOJ always leaving its butt out...only to get mad when someone kicks it.

However, being the corrupt taxpayer wasting entities they are, sufficient plans are not in place, leaving the American people open to bio-chemical dangers that are horrific.

It's not that FBI agents and DOJ employees are incompetent, even though the respective heads of the two agencies are not that bright (Holder and Mueller). When corrupt and criminally negligent orders are issued from the top of the agency, subordinate employees follow, even if it means innocent people dying.


FBI's WMD Department Rebuked By IG

Justice Department isn't ready for WMD attack, report says

June 01, 2010|By Ken Dilanian, Tribune Washington Bureau

Reporting from Washington — — The Justice Department is not ready to provide a coordinated response to an attack by a weapon of mass destruction, the agency's inspector general said in a report out Tuesday.

In the event of an attack by nuclear, biological, chemical or other mass-casualty weapons, the Justice Department is assigned the responsibility for coordinating federal law enforcement activities and for ensuring public safety and security if the incident overwhelms state and local law enforcement, the report says. The review found that "the department is not prepared to fulfill its role."...

This is the latest in a series of reports criticizing the government for inadequate planning for WMD attacks. In January, a bipartisan commission gave the Obama administration and Congress an "F" for its preparation for a biological attack.

In 2008, another commission concluded that "performance has fallen short in all three pillars of the National Strategy to Combat WMD: prevention; protection; and response…. In 2002, the president issued a comprehensive National Strategy to Combat WMD — supplemented subsequently by national strategies against biological and terrorist threats — but [the Defense Department] and the U.S. government as a whole have not fully implemented them."...