Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teachers Treated Like They Are Second Class

U.S. President Barack Obama and members of his financial team

Teachers all over America have been saddled with decreasing paychecks and ever increasing workloads. They are expected to take on additional educational tasks, in the service of their students, while working with less money for materials and on smaller paychecks. The same story has repeated itself across the country for those that take care of and teach the disabled.

Teachers work very hard. It is not an easy job and to work for the low paychecks they do, it truly is a labor of love. Yet, they play such an important role in society, educating the population, generation after generation.

On the opposing side of the spectrum, what does the nation see - the government throwing billions in taxpayer money at banks and other Wall Street corporations - only for them to waste it on big bonuses, lavish vacations and expensive corporate retreats. While teachers are asked to live on little and pay for additional classroom supplies out of their own pockets that often reach into four figures per year. What's wrong with this picture.