Tuesday, May 11, 2010

David Cameron Is The New British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister, David Cameron and wife, Samantha Cameron

The Judiciary Report's pick for British Prime Minister, David Cameron, since the election was called, has been appointed as such today, after a long, hard fought battle that resulted in a hung Parliament. For the past several weeks, the Judiciary Report has promoted Cameron as the better choice for Britain. Congrats on the victory.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown (right), his wife Sarah (left) and their children, John Macaulay and James Fraser (center) leaving 10 Downing Street (The Prime Minister's London residence)

Gordon Brown graciously resigned from his post as Prime Minister today, after his Labour Party garnered fewer votes and Parliamentary seats, making way for Cameron to assume leadership of the country. Cameron will form a government with the third place Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg.

Liberal Democrat Party chief, Nick Clegg

Mr. Brown did the right thing in resigning, as the will of the people clearly indicated the Conservative Party won the popular vote in this election (the Electorate). The Judiciary Report hopes this year’s election will lead to reform, to prevent future stalemate impasses, such as the disheartening one that transpired last week.

Samantha Cameron to an ecstatic Prime Minister Cameron: David, wait until we get inside (you know that's how she got pregnant!)

If Cameron revamps the benefits system, he will have accomplished something and Britain will see billions more pounds in its Treasury, as no family should be clearing five to six figures per month in government payments. That's money that could be used to create jobs and implement helpful social programs.

The British people have also overwhelmingly expressed their desire to get out of the wars in the Middle East. It is in the best interest of Britain to do so and spend that money on national security at home. Best wishes to Britain.


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