Friday, May 28, 2010

Megan vs. Megatron?

Megan Fox Mad At Michael Bay

Megan Fox and Michael Bay

Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, is mad at "Transformers" director, Michael Bay, for firing her from his film franchise that she helped to make popular. Fox's publicist tried to spin it that she quit, but Hollywood is saying she was fired.

Megatron: I will slap her little bobble head right into space. Silicone doesn't travel well at high altitudes.

A few bloggers have called for Fox to be squished by a robot, writing her out of the franchise. It would be hilarious if via the use of CGI, Megan squared off against robot Megatron and got squished like a bug, but it would also do the same to her career on even worse terms, making her a punch line in pop culture.