Friday, May 28, 2010

73 Dead In Jamaica After U.S. DOJ Extradition Demand

Jamaican authorities in front of a mural of Prime Minister Bruce Golding

Amnesty International has stated it seeks to investigate the number of deaths in the small Tivoli Gardens community of Kingston, Jamaica, in the wake of the U.S. extradition demand, for drug suspect Christopher Michael Coke A/K/A "Dudus." The Obama administration has shown Jamaica great ill-will in how it went about it, ignoring numerous warnings and pleas from community activists, that improper handling of the extradition, would result in casualties to innocent people.

Thus far, 70 people have died, among them Jamaican soldiers, police and civilians, as the island's authorities attempt to extract fugitive, Christopher Michael Coke, for extradition to the United States of America.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

To put pressure on the Jamaican government to achieve the extradition, which the island's reigning political party disputed, due to U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, submitting "illegal wiretaps" as evidence, the Obama administration began harassing law abiding Jamaican-American citizens in America, in the hope they would complain to their family, friends, business associates and the government in Jamaica, to extract and send Christopher Michael Coke to America.

Wealthy and middle class Jamaican businesspeople, who do not live in America, also saw their visas vindictively cancelled by the Obama administration, for no reason and without explanation, in acts that not only hurt the Jamaican economy, but the U.S. one as well, as these are men and women from the island that visit on regular business trips and buy American products in bulk, then ship them back to Jamaica for sale in the marketplace.

This form of trade represents millions to the U.S. economy and the Jamaican one as well. These businesspeople began to complain to the government and publicly regarding the unprovoked mistreatment, as they have nothing to do with Christopher Michael Coke.

Mr. Holder, with his Billy Dee mustache, consistently runs amok in Congress. The Judiciary Report is confident, Billy Dee Williams, would have carried himself better in Congress and not incurred constant brain freezes when questioned by senators.

Mr. Holder experiencing a brain freeze in Congress

The majority of the island does not support the drugs and violence associated with these gangs, such as the one Christopher Michael Coke runs and want it gone from the country. However, it is not as easy as it looks, which is evident by the number of ongoing deaths in America's extradition bid for Christopher Michael Coke.

Usually, when two world governments have a dispute, they kick out diplomats and ambassadors as a negative gesture, until things are resolved to their satisfaction. They do not cancel the visas of businesspeople that have nothing to do with the dispute and harass and abuse naturalized, innocent citizens in their nation from the foreign nation.

The Obama administration has set a new low, which has cost the U.S. economy money. But with the way he excessively spends U.S. taxpayer money, Obama clearly is not concerned with the economy.

Most Jamaicans do not even know Christopher Michael Coke and similar gangs personally, as they operate in apart of Kingston, that is the equivalent of the U.S. projects in New York or Compton, California.

As a matter of fact, when the U.S. Department of Justice, on Eric Holder's instruction, went public with the extradition request for Christopher Michael Coke, it marked the first time many Jamaicans in Jamaica, America, Britain, Canada and other countries, heard of him. He is not a towering figure all over Jamaica. He is well known in the particular downtown ghetto he ensconced himself. A Nino Brown, if you will ("New Jack City").

For the Obama administration to label Jamaica a "narco-state" and attempt to paint a horrendous, unbalanced portrait of the island in the press, is the U.S. equivalent of stating, every American supports the Crips, Bloods and MS-13 street gangs, who are actively engaging in massive gun, human and drug trafficking. At the end of the day, most Americans do not personally know or condone the conduct of the Crips, Bloods and MS-13 street gangs.

In the Obama administration attempting to improperly extract Christopher Michael Coke, via "illegal wiretaps" and by harassing and mistreating law abiding Jamaicans and Jamaican-Americans who have nothing to do with him, damaging the Jamaican economy, while defaming the entire island through the U.S. government's mouthpiece, the Associated Press, the Jamaican government was pushed into a terrible corner and had to use the limited resources available in trying to apprehend the suspect.

The Jamaican police and military have been fighting against a street gang that obtained weapons and amour piercing bullets from America, that can penetrate police officer's bulletproof vests and other protective gear (Jamaica does not manufacture weapons).

In spite of the fact the Jamaican government sent buses to the Tivoli Gardens ghetto, begging civilians to come out before they go in, via a bid to extract Christopher Michael Coke, some did and some did not. Some stayed with their properties underestimating the danger, while others stayed out of fear, as they were told by the gang if they go on the buses, they should leave their house keys and not return.

Thus far, 70 civilians, police officers and soldiers are dead. 500 people have been arrested, but Christopher Michael Coke, who is clearly in hiding somewhere, remains a fugitive. The government has been imploring him for days to turn himself in.

The Obama Administration forced this terrible scenario and dozens of Jamaicans have died for it and it's not like the U.S. Justice Department and President Obama didn't know, as they were warned months in advance by this site and community activists (See a small sampling of the Judiciary Report's website statistics below, revealing the U.S. DOJ and FBI regularly read this website). I hope the Justice Department and FBI are happy now (sarcasm).

Therefore, what would Amnesty International have had the Jamaican government do, in the face of the bullying, threats and abuse from the Obama Administration, which has affected innocent Jamaican-Americans in the United States and Jamaicans that live on the island permanently, who have nothing to do with Christopher Michael Coke and his gang?

For the Obama administration to have forced this issue in such a manner, barking at the Jamaican government to get the suspect and get him now or else, when thousands of fugitives in America have not been apprehended, as it is not as easy as it looks, is hypocritical.

Look how many people the U.S. FBI, ATF and SWAT have searched for in America for years and have been unsuccessful in apprehending. Yes, they have apprehended many, but thousands of criminals still remain at large. That is the nature of police work. You do what you can and accept your successes and defeats.

The Jamaican Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, is the head of the Jamaica Labour Party, which is not even my family's political party, as my relatives belong to the opposition, the People's National Party, but at the end of the day, all politics aside, as a human being, I denounce the Obama Administration's poor handling of this extradition, as they were warned well in advance this could happen, but forced these innocent casualties, via arrogance in how they demanded this guy and began abusing innocent Jamaicans as the way to extradite him, which is wrong.

If the tables were turned and another world government anywhere in the world, did that to the Obama administration, via abusing innocent Americans who did no wrong, he would be outraged, denounce it and label said conduct human rights abuses.