Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Lied To The Court Again

Lindsay Lohan

According to TMZ, out of work Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan, lied to long suffering, Los Angeles District Court Judge, Marsha Revel, by claiming she cannot wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet, also known as SCRAM.

Lohan's excuse to the court is the SCRAM bracelet will interfere with a movie shoot in Texas for the violent film "Machete" and an alleged August start for the pornographic film "Inferno."

The producers confirmed Lohan's story to the court is a lie, as she is not in the scenes being filmed in Texas. "Inferno" is also in development and is not a sure thing at this point.

Lohan is reaching for any excuse under the sun to continue being an alcoholic and drug addict, even if it means lying to the court, which is a crime. However, the judge didn't buy her story and ordered she wear the SCRAM bracelet anyway.