Friday, May 14, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Goes To Cannes

Lindsay Lohan

The celebrated Cannes film festival is underway in France and troubled, unemployed actress, Lindsay Lohan, is reportedly making the journey. This is ironic considering people do not want to hire the irresponsible, unpredictable one time star, who now parties her life away, whilst getting drunk and high.

Her main source of income is now derived from selling stories and pictures of herself, to tabloid styled outlets, rather than appearing on the big screen. How the pseudo-mighty have fallen.

Meanwhile, back in America, a judge is contemplating jailing Lohan for missing alcohol education classes, required as apart of her probation for driving while intoxicated. The charge should have been living while intoxicated, as perennially high Lohan fails to see the urgency of getting sober and off drugs.

It's amazing that with all the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse, which has ravaged her looks, health and mind, whilst destroying her career, Lohan still needs a wake-up call, to shake her out of this stupor. She is indeed a lesson in self-defeat and self-destruction.

However, her inability to get well lays in the fact she is in a sick cult, Kabbalah, that has so destroyed her mind, via their insanely touted "inducing schizophrenia" program, that she is no longer able to think straight or reason well, because of the crazy things she now believes, thanks to what they have taught her.

Paris Hilton crying hard

Maybe the wake up call she needs is proper time in jail, as Lohan is an arrogant repeat offender. It certainly scared Paris Hilton straight regarding Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The judge did Hilton a favor by locking her up for three weeks, as she has not been arrested for the same thing in years.