Saturday, May 29, 2010

Actor Gary Coleman Has Died

"Different Strokes" child stars Dana Plato, Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges

Gary Coleman, the actor behind the memorable "Different Strokes" character, "Arnold" has died at age 42, after suffering an intracranial brain hemorrhage.

The brain bleed was similar to that of actress Natasha Richardson, who hit her head and lapsed into a coma an hour later, then died. The same tragedy is thought to have befallen Coleman, who reportedly hit his head after a fall. He died yesterday at noon, after spending several hours in a coma.

Coleman is the second actor from the show "Different Strokes" to die at a relatively young age. His former co-star, Dana Plato, died of an accidental pharmaceutical drug overdose, after battling years of addiction. Two weeks ago, Plato's son, who also became a drug addict and alcohol, in the aftermath of his mother's death, regrettably committed suicide.