Thursday, May 27, 2010

60 Dead In Jamaica After U.S. DOJ Extradition Demand

U.S. President Barack Obama

This is an update on yesterday's article 31 Dead In Jamaica After U.S. DOJ Extradition Demand. The body count of Jamaican soldiers and civilians has jumped to 60 people dead, as they tried to apprehend drug suspect, Christopher Michael Coke, also known as "Dudus."

I was told the Jamaican government gave civilians an opportunity to evacuate the area in question, by sending buses to the impoverished community of Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, which is similar in gang activity to the U.S. city of Compton, California, but much smaller in size.

This was done before the police and military went in, via a bid to retrieve "Dudus" for extradition to the United States. As with evacuations regarding hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters all over the world, some people left and some stayed with their properties.

The Jamaican military and police then went in. 500 people were extracted and arrested as associates of "Dudus" in a real live Scarface styled showdown. While the authorities have made leeway, some officers have died during the gun battle, via gang members that used amour piercing bullets.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, who botched this extradition by submitting what has been called "illegal wiretaps" as evidence and disregarded warnings from political activists that people could die if this case was handled improperly, has yet to comment on the fruits of his carelessness.

Soldiers, police officers and civilians have died, Mr. Holder, because you deviated from the international standard in these matters. During previous administrations, Jamaica extradited numerous people to the United States and it did not devolve into soldiers, police and civilians dying.

You wanted to show the world you are a big dog, with emphasis on the word dog - albeit one who doesn't read - and now you have, but not in a good way and here's hoping you can wash the blood of the innocent off your hands.