Wednesday, April 7, 2010

U.K. Election Set For May 6, 2010

The Queen of England has been formally asked to dissolve the current British Parliament, which is a precursor for the national elections. The main battle for Prime Minister shall be between incumbent Labour Party chief, Gordon Brown and Conservative Tory party head, David Cameron.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The Tony Blair years were not particularly kind to Britain or the Labour Party, due to the war in Iraq, former U.S. President, George W. Bush, roped the country's main ally across the pond into and was later accompanied by a terrible financial crisis that began in America and spread to the United Kingdom, then eventually most of the globe.

Britons do seem hopefully for positive change in their nation and the May elections shall furnish them with the opportunity to make that a reality. Britain needs swift reparative measures to mend the financial and social damage of the past decade.

David Cameron and wife Samantha

Exorbitant benefits draining tax dollars to the tune of billions, need to be reduced, as singular households enjoying loopholes in the system, should not be clearing more money in government assistance, than doctors and lawyers earn at their respective places of employment. Exports need to be increased as well. Industrialization isn't such a bad thing, contrary to what some would have the world believe.