Friday, March 12, 2010

More From Michael Jackson's Bodyguards

In part two of an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, the three bodyguards of the late singer, Michael Jackson, spoke of their boss as a kind man, who was always being sued, which placed him in great debt.

They told of long hours at attorneys offices, regarding lawsuits, some undoubtedly frivolously, that drained his finances to the point his credit cards were rejected at hotels, with management asking them to leave the premises.

For someone whose music and image generated a billion dollars during his lifetime, that ought not to have happened. However, Jackson suffered from financial mismanagement, exploitative music industry executives ripping him off and his own expensive tastes putting a crimp in his finances.

Michael Jackson

The bodyguards also spoke of an incident where his brother, Randy, crashed through the gate of Michael's home, as he would not see him. His family members were supposed to have appointments to meet with him.

The trio wished Jackson's kids well and stated they are proud of them. One has to wonder how they will adjust to the tragedy that occurred when he died, the media circus surrounding it and the long term impact it will have on them. Hopefully, they will avoid the pitfalls of Hollywood that destroyed their dad's life.

Hollywood is not a good place. For someone to have had the kind of career Jackson did, generating significant income and accolades, only to spend his days as a recluse in financial straits, so emotionally hounded and destroyed, he turned to pharmaceutical drugs for solace, says Hollywood is a sick place. They drove him to such despair.

Michael Jackson and Randy Jackson

But that's the problem with Hollywood. They are animals and savages. Once you have any talent, as Jackson did, the vultures come out. Once you earn any assets they deem exploitable, they will threaten, abuse, smear and even try to have you killed to get control and fraudulent, false ownership of it. They are crooks, thieves, pariahs, leeches and murderers.

The bodyguards referred to Jackson's doctor that overdosed him as a "scapegoat." As stated on this site previously, a bigger conspiracy was afoot and it had everything to do with that Beatles/Sony music publishing catalog that Sony wants full control over, but Jackson refused to sell.

And don't think certain individuals in Hollywood are above interfering in someone's medical care to gain disastrous results, via medically damaging the person. It's been done to others in Hollywood, in violation of U.S. law. There was an incident where they wanted the talent pliable and obedient, as said person's assets are worth a fortune and they interfered in the person's medical treatment, bribing the doctor to prescribe the wrong type of medicine for the person's ailment. Rather than relieving pain, the goal was sedating the person to the point, the subject was open to suggestion, allowing others to take control of their assets to steal from the person.

In another case, they wanted a star deemed mentally incompetent, to take control of the person's estate. Said person was prescribed controversial pills with a known side effect of paranoid delusions, for a basic ailment. When the person started acting crazy, due to the medication, others took control and helped themselves to money and other assets they were not entitled to in any measure. Those are just two of quite a few cases.

Michael Jackson: Inside His Finances and Family

March 10, 2010 - Bodyguards Say King of Pop Did Not Often See His Family

While the Jackson family portrayed a unified front at Michael Jackson's funeral, three of his former bodyguards said Jackson did not often see his family in the two years prior to his death.

When he died, Michael Jackson faced drug problems and debt...

"There was another occasion when Randy came to the house and crashed the security gate with his vehicle and came inside. And at the time, I didn't know who he was and I drew my weapon on him and the first thing out of his mouth was 'Get that thing out of my face or I'll call the press,'" Whitfield said, who said he put away his weapon when he realized it was Randy.