Saturday, March 13, 2010

Michael Jackson Feared Hidden Cameras

"Michael Jackson Bodyguards on GMA Part 2"

Hollywood the industry, is such a perverse institution of smut and degeneracy, the late pop star, Michael Jackson feared hidden cameras being utilized against him, in situations privacy was to be expected by law, requiring his bodyguards to check his hotel rooms for the invasive units. His hidden camera concerns were revealed this week by three of the deceased singer's bodyguards, who made the claim on Good Morning America, during a candid interview about their former boss.

As stated in the lawsuit Aisha v. FBI and the Madonna case preceding it, Hollywood likes to unlawfully and perversely deploy hidden cameras installed by private investigators, in people's homes, hotel rooms and offices, they illegally place under surveillance. They also utilize other items such as illegal wiretaps, mobile phone cloning and hacking, as disclosed in the case of convicted private investigator, Anthony Pellicano.

The practice is quite sick, as it is voyeurism, strictly prohibited by U.S. and international law. Under the law and established legal standards, voyeurism automatically makes the perpetrators and those that hire them to commit said crimes, sex offenders, classed with pedophiles and rapists.

But in sick Hollywood, they believe spying on people 24/7 in violation of all codes of morality and existing legal statutes, is acceptable human behavior, when it is not and never will be. Society was never moving in that unconstitutional and internationally illegal direction, as some sickos in Hollywood committing these acts of criminal perversion comfort themselves in believing. They are the sickest people in existence.

Blake Robbins

Further proof of this fact is the loud outcry regarding the Blake Robbins v. Lower Merion School District case (see article links below), which has enraged people all over the world.

It involves Harriton High School in Pennsylvania issuing laptops to all their students and not informing them or their parents, the units contains a hidden feature - surreptitious software trojan that remotely activates the computers' webcams, spying on students and their families at home or in any other situation they find themselves when the camera turns on.

The school has admitted they did this, but claim the webcam spy feature was only installed to locate lost or stolen laptops. However, neither Blake Robbins or his family reported the laptop lost or stolen, yet it turned on and took photos of him in his bedroom, which a vice principal threw in his face.


I sympathize with the Robbins, as in the Aisha v. FBI case, regarding obtaining Freedom of Information documents and the agency's blatant criminal negligence, members of Madonna's Kabbalah cult in Miami, on her instruction, would insidiously and harassingly approach me in public, perversely telling me verbatim, in great detail, the things being said and done in my home, due to sick hidden cameras technology she paid a private investigator to implement.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Had the FBI done their jobs from 2005, when I went to them with the problem of Madonna engaging in commissioned Anthony Pellicano style harassment and wiretapping, whilst committing criminal copyright infringement, via stealing items from my Copyrighted Catalog, that contains over 12,500 songs, the nasty old pervert wouldn't have felt empowered and emboldened to break the law even further via spying on me in my home, in criminal violation of U.S. law.

The FBI needs to be closed, as they are corrupt. Criminal negligence is the FBI's way, as has been illustrated via a number of other cases, such as Fort Hood, the September 11th attack (FBI Agent Harry Sammit's investigation was stonewalled by Robert S. Mueller, blocked 70 times investigating one of the alternate bombers, which would have prevented the attack), the George Tiller murder, the Pentagon Shooting this month and the Christmas Day 2009 airline bombing, to name a few, where they knew crimes were being committed or were about to be committed and sat back and did nothing.


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