Saturday, March 20, 2010

FBI NY Chief In Affair Scandal

Joseph M. Demarest Jr.

The head of the New York FBI, Joseph M. Demarest Jr., is under investigation, due to a relationship he had with a co-worker, who is a subordinate. It is being reported, both he and the woman (at least I think it's a woman) gave conflicting stories to FBI management regarding their relationship.

Once again, why is it any of the FBI's business who is dating who within the agency. I thought the FBI was supposed to be a team. It's not like dating and or marrying a foreign spy. The agency is being ridiculous and invasive.

Bill Gates married a co-worker at Microsoft and they've been together for years. You guys should be out catching criminals, not snooping in each other's personal lives.

Side Bar: why is Demarest getting in trouble for an alleged affair when racist, constitution violating FBI Director Mueller cheated on his wife. There are at least two women I was told of. Would Mr. Mueller care to elaborate on that or shall I...

Side Bar #2: And if you contact Google whining about my blog like a girl, I will elaborate on Side Bar #1. What? you can violate my privacy and endanger me, but I can't write what I was told about you. And my exclusives are very credible.

Side Bar #3: Yea, maybe I need to take a Midol.

New York FBI Chief Under Investigation For Statements About Alleged Affair

The head of the FBI’s largest office is under internal investigation in connection with an alleged affair he had with a coworker.

The story was first reported by the Web site Tickle the Wire, which covers news on federal law enforcement.

Joseph M. Demarest Jr., assistant director in charge of the FBI’s New York Division, has been temporarily re-assigned to headquarters in Washington while the Bureau’s Office of Professional Responsibility investigates the matter, according to Tickle the Wire.

A person familiar with the investigation told Main Justice that Demarest’s account of the relationship differed from one given by his subordinate, who is involved in intelligence. The investigation has been underway since at least January, the person said...