Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cops Concerned About Lindsay Lohan Seek A 5150

Who Knew They Made Cocaine Shoes?

That better be baby powder (who am I kidding, she'd sniff that too)

Los Angeles Police Department, tired of crazy one time child star, Linday Lohan calling them all the time regarding paparazzi attention she strategically seeks out, wish to place her on a 5150 psychiatric hold. In short, they want to Britney Spears her.

Lindsay Lohan: What? Doesn't everyone have cocaine on their shoes (er, no)

Both Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are members of the Kabbalah cult who have gone schizophrenic, thanks to what the cult has taught them and continues to reinforce.

In a Chris Tucker type voice: Girl, your cocaine is on your shoes!

The fact of the matter is they love the attention and Kabbalah instructs them to immerse themselves in it., even though it is a public nuisance, as it brings attention, publicity and visibility to the cult.

Someone call the cartels - Lindsay found a new way to import cocaine

Another Kabbalah cult member who has been acting crazier than ever...Lady Gaga. You would think these newer artists in Hollywood would have learned by now, but Kabbalah offers them all sorts of career incentives and protection, otherwise they'll trash your career, so they join and get in way over their heads with the depravity they are exposed to in the cult.