Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michael Jackson's Doctor Charged In His Death

Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter done "unlawfully, and without malice" in connection with the death of the late pop singer. Jackson died of a drug overdose, when Murray irresponsibly administered a host of pharmaceutical drugs to the former crooner, at his request. The charges do, "Not amount to a felony." He has pled not guilty.

The court footage was very informative and the judge handled himself well. He laid down the law. He ordered Murray not to sedate anyone and surrender his passport, which is appropriate.

Murray's conduct was facilitating Jackson's little known pharmaceutical meds addiction of 30 years. Jackson, a plastic surgery addict, kept requesting numerous anti-anxiety meds and pain killers, in addition to the highly potent and toxic, Propofol, which is normally used under stringent conditions in hospital operating rooms and high end clinics.

The Jackson Family

Murray inappropriately administered it in an informal setting - the singer's rented Bel Air home, which led to the terrible tragedy that claimed his life, via acute toxicity, resulting in death by overdose.

Other oddities in the story that are very disturbing include, the long time period that elapsed before Murray called 911. The medical standard is to call immediately when a patient collapses.

Murray waited for hours to call 911, when the singer was long gone. When they arrived, even the paramedics could tell Jackson had been deceased for hours. Another puzzling item is Murray leaving Jackson on a Propofol drip, while he went to the bathroom and made a cell phone call. Jackson was paying him to administer the drug and monitor his vitals.

Joe Jackson

It was a tragedy that could have been prevented. The first step was to send Jackson back to rehab, then to a therapist, to hash out the emotional traumas creating the sleeplessness, such as terrible legal cases, mounting financial issues and awful tabloid styled stories in the press.

Easier said than done, as Jackson was a grown man, who had stopped listening to the objective voices around him, telling him to seek treatment. There is no shame in admitting one has a problem and needs professional medical help to conquer it.

Jackson became like Elvis and other stars in his latter days. He was not able to make that transition into middle age as a performer and it troubled him greatly. Some like Tony Bennett and Tina Turner have successfully made that leap, but it eluded Jackson, due to his state of mind.

La Toya Jackson

Jackson was bruised and battered from the terrible court cases calling him a pedophile and the plastic surgery that was disfiguring his face, as the type of work he had done was extensive, which automatically meant it would need constant maintenance, due to unintended side effects and the aging process that often blights cosmetic procedures, more than it would in those that did not have work done.

Jackson's self-imposed exile did him much emotional harm as well. I can testify firsthand that very unsavory characters exist in the entertainment world, whose only joy in life is robbing, defrauding and dragging people down. But in life, one cannot let such people force one into becoming a recluse and taking one's family into seclusion.

His kids needed to socialize with other children, walk about without masks, wear normal clothing and do the things other children can. Isolating them from the world is not a good idea. However, due to the terrible things Jackson had experienced with Hollywood vultures, in Michael's mind, this was the best way. He protected them the best way he knew how - isolation.

Jermaine Jackson

His kids made an appearance at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Thanks to their grandmother, they were dressed in nice, normal suits, sported modern, flattering haircuts and spoke from the heart.

Here's hoping Hollywood will let them be normal, happy children and not antagonize them. That means no record or movie deals. No Hollywood influence. Regular school and childhood events like going to church, amusement parks, wholesome concerts and nice, family vacations.

Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson

I wish his kids well and hope in time they will heal from all the traumas and not pay much attention to the bad things people write and say. You are your own people.