Friday, February 5, 2010

Grandmother Assaulted, Dragged And Called Nig*er

64-year-old grandmother, Ruby Williams, was assaulted, dragged and called "nig*er" by two white males, who attacked her while she was fishing in Florida. They bludgeoned her from behind and proceeded with a vicious racial attack.

Thankfully the blow to the head did not kill her, as brain injuries can turn fatal. Police are on the lookout for the two men in question, who committed this horrible hate crime against Williams.

Ruby Williams

If apprehended, they will likely be charged with assault and violations of the Civil Rights Act, all carrying heavy prison sentences and substantial fines.

Grandmother Says She Was Beaten, Dragged And Called N-Word In Hate Crime

February 3, 2010 2:04 pm - BOCA RATON, FL — A great grandmother says she was beaten and left for dead at a Boca Raton park because of her race.

65-year-old Ruby Williams says she went to Red Reef Park on North Ocean Boulevard Thursday evening to go fishing with friends.

She says she walked to the restroom alone, and was hit from behind by someone who called her a racial slur. Williams claims her face hit the concrete as two young men continued calling her the “N” word, telling her that her race was not welcomed here...