Thursday, February 4, 2010

Consumer Alert: Miamians Need To Stock Up On Hair Gel Before It's All Gone

"Jersey Shore" cast

Miamians better stock up on hair gel, because according to TMZ, the city is in the running as the locale for the second season of the reality show "Jersey Shore" and as some of you know the cast wears enough hair gel to shutdown any national hair show.

I like hair gel just as much as the next person. You wash your hair, too busy to do much with it, you comb some gel in it and call it a day. Ok, maybe I've said too much, but enough about me. This is about "Jersey Shore" and gel addiction. I don't watch the show, as I only saw a clip of it, but someone needs to stage a gel intervention.

Other examples of hair gel abuse:

'Jersey Shore' Producers -- Hunting in Miami

Posted Feb 3rd 2010 5:45PM by TMZ Staff - There's a fist pump warning in Florida -- TMZ has learned the people behind "Jersey Shore" have been checking out the beaches of Miami for the perfect spots for Season 2...

But sources close to the show tell TMZ "Jersey Shore" has not committed to one city yet -- and even though they've sent out feelers to a bunch of different places, they're still deciding between 9 other cities both inside and outside of the US.