Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Prepping For State Of The Union Address

U.S. President Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama is prepping for his State of the Union address, scheduled for tomorrow. The State of the Union address, is typically a type of national pep talk regarding America. Presidents highlight the strong points of the nation and their hopes for improvement and prosperity.

Between the damage former President George W. Bush wrought, to President Obama's current predicament, which has seen him spend more than any other President in U.S. history, in attempting to clean up his predecessor's mammoth mess, but making a bigger one in the process, the general tone in America is one of exasperation that Washington has not been able to deliver stability and prosperity.

This occurred due to a series of poor choices made over the last several years that hurt the masses. Either way, the American people are tired of it all and want positive change to improve life in the nation.

This site has repeatedly offered sound, tried and true advice, on how to get out of the current national rut created by the greed of Vice President Dick Cheney (the mastermind behind it) and former President George W. Bush (the puppet that went along with it) and Wall Street.

The Judiciary Report has suggested the following items in past articles:

A small 5% tax increase on America's wealthiest citizens. This would create billions in income for the nation.

Be prudent and savvy when going about job creation, to get more bang for the national buck.

Remove troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. It will save lives - both civilian and soldier, bring troops home and add to the work force in America when they return. This equals more people working and paying taxes, helping to rebuild the economy.

Cut wasteful government spending, as some explorative programs, such as studying bears, are frivolous and expensive.

Reducing discretionary spending accounts of government employees. Some government employees' expense accounts are exorbitant and in many cases unnecessary. Learn to conference through secure technology links.

Target medical imaging companies to reduce the cost of their products, such as MRIs, MRAs, CT scans, Doppler, EKG, EEG ect..., in the manner other technology sectors have done in dropping the price of items such as DVD players and CD players that used to cost hundreds, but now can be purchased for 1/10 of their former price.

Focus on reducing the price of pharmaceutical drugs, as some only cost $1.00 per unit to manufacture, yet are being sold for $50.00 to $100 a bottle. That's just plain greed.

It's not that difficult. Lobbyists, corporate entities and corrupt government officials spewing bad rhetoric make it difficult. All it needs is someone willing to do the right thing.

Having stated that, at the end of the day, it is Obama's Presidency and he will do as he pleases...even if it unintentionally sinks the ship, rather than filling in the holes on the proverbial vessel, changing direction and setting sail on a new course of resurgence.

If you fail to do what is right it will come back to haunt you. Don't end up like Bush, ruing the day you ever made the majority of the decisions you did that history records poorly as your legacy, when it is too late to correct them, as you are out of office.

If you fail to act with integrity and character today, history will denigrate your presidency tomorrow. The world is changing. Either you will stay ahead of the curve or get left behind.