Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Idol Stole Song "Pants On The Ground"

Two frauds - Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell of "American Idol"

The rigged TV talent show, "American Idol" has been caught stealing again. Previously, the Judiciary Report covered how Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell stole the idea for the show from a Texas man that pitch it to them in their office. Then, a year later, they put the show out without payment or credit to him, reaping a fortune in ill-gotten gain.

Then, there's the Simon Fuller/Simon Cowell/Sony thefts of copyrighted songs and videos, from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, with the knowledge and consent of their untalented, degenerate artists on 19 Records (Sony) and Syco (Sony), who took co-writers credit for songs they did not write, that were already sitting in the Copyright Office in Washington DC, registered to me, years before they stole them, via proven computer hacking.

There's something else I wrote about in an unpublished copyright two years ago as well, regarding "American Idol." Even Simon Cowell's on-air shtick, replete with specific styled barbs, are a little too similar to ones my dad has employed for over 20-years on his award winning radio show in Jamaica called "Rhythms" - that's broadcasted all over the world as well, via the internet. My dad gets calls to the station from Britain, Canada, America, Germany and other nations, with song requests and compliments on his show. Over the years, my dad has famously gotten into on-air disputes with famous artists, whose talents he's questioned during his show, using cutting commentary, very similar to what Simon Cowell does now.

However, my dad's been doing this on his show and others, for over 20-years, as one of the world's foremost musicologists, which predates "American Idol" by over a decade. In light of the fact "American Idol" and its spin off "X-Factor" whose music is released by Sony, have infringed so many of my preexisting copyrighted songs, without permission and the fact my dad previously participated in a legal settlement regarding Sony's infringement of a copyright owned by the late legendary producer Clement "Coxsonne" Dodd, prior to "American Idol" even going on the air, I have to wonder about Cowell regarding his created persona for the show and what inspired it. Prior to "American Idol" Cowell was an A&R guy in Britain, who was nothing like this animated, cutting character we now see on TV.

2010 "American Idol" contestant General Larry Platt's "Pants on the Ground":

1996 Green Brothers song "Back Pockets On The Floor":

Today, a new "American Idol" scandal erupted, regarding this year's latest craze by contestant, General Larry Platt and his so-called song "Pants on the Ground."

It turns out "American Idol" and Larry Platt stole the song from a Detroit, Michigan duo called The Green Brothers, who released a song in 1996 titled "Back Pockets on the Floor." That's 14 years prior to "American Idol" and it's rip-off "Pants on the Ground."

Even the song titles sound alike and mean the same thing "Pants on the Ground" and "Pockets on the Floor." The words "Ground" and "Floor" basically mean the same thing. Not to mention the artist names "The General Larry Platt" and "The Green Brothers" led by Gerald Green. You can make the word "Green" out of the word "General."

Furthermore, isn't it odd and sinister how terrible actor, Simon Cowell, proclaimed during General Larry Platt's performance, "I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit." Tell the truth Simon, you did your usual, disgraceful, illegal practice of scouring the internet and record stores for songs to steal.

What's eerie is how much the Green Brothers' lead singer, G. Green, looks like General Larry Platt and they are about the same age as well. There's a strong resemblance there. In writing this article, I thought one was the other. And no, I do not think "All black people look alike" as the insulting racial phrase implies, as I too am black.

G. Green of the Green Brothers in music video in 1996 (left) and the General Larry Platt in 2010 on "American Idol" (right) - both are older gentlemen with graying hair and graying mustaches, wearing a black cap and black shirt

Considering "American Idol" has been busted numerous times rigging their show's results and stealing music for the subsequent CDs by artists who win on the show, such as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, I believe the two Simons heard the preexisting Green Brothers track, liked it and decided to get a look alike, General Larry Platt, to come to the show and sing a plagiarized version of it, with the hope of making it hit.

Even Platt is complaining that "American Idol" has made merchandising items using the song and he hasn't gotten his financial cut. The whole thing looks like a set up.

"American Idol" also infringes the copyrights of well known hits. For example, the 2009 American Idol song by David Cook titled "Time Of My Life" bears similarities to the 1980's song "Time Of My Life" from the movie "Dirty Dancing."

The 2009 song "Battlefield" by "American Idol" Jordan Sparks is a rip-off of Pat Benetar's 1980's track "Love is a Battlefield." Parts of Sparks' 2009 song even sounds like the 1980's hit "Girlfriend" by Pebbles.

The 2009 song "Live Like We're Dying" by the current "American Idol" winner Chris Allen is a rip-off of the1994 Tim McGraw country hit "Live Like You Were Dying."

Everything about "American Idol" is fake and stolen. Wake up world, you've been had.

'Pants on the Ground' -- A Rip-Off?!

Posted Jan 27th 2010 8:10AM - "General" Larry Platt isn't the first person to sing about crooked hats and droopy pants -- and now a Michigan hip-hop duo is saying "Pants on the Ground" is a "take off" of a song they recorded back in 1996.

Pockets on the Floor: Click to watch
The Green Brothers -- a rap group consisting of an elderly Platt-alike gentleman -- re-posted the music video for their song "Back Pockets on the Floor" this week -- and you're gonna be shocked at the similarity.

The group claims their lift-up-your-pants jam has "the same intent, idea and in part the same message" as the "American Idol" wannabeen's...

Detroit-area Brothers Record 'Back Pockets on the Floor'

Recorded in '96, the message is similar to 'Pants' - Updated: Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010, 9:09 AM EST - American Idol may have launched the "Pants on the Ground" craze, but the message looks likes it's been around for awhile.

Highland Park's Green Brothers wrote FOX 2 to inform us of their 1996 recording "Back Pockets on the Floor." The brothers tell us the song has the same intent, idea and message of the General Larry Platt's 'Pants' version.

Gerald Green says they wish Platt well, but want the world to hear and see their version of the song.