Monday, November 9, 2015

Rapper Lil Wayne Sued Again For Not Paying $96,000 Fireworks Bill

Lil Wayne

New Orleans rapper, Lil Wayne, who now lives in Miami, has been sued for the umpteenth time, regarding non-payment of bills. A year ago, Wayne was sued for owing over $1,000,000 plus $800,000 in damages and legal fees regarding non-payment of a private jet he had customized and used for a year, as well as defrauding entertainment industry talent out of music royalties and engaging in copyright infringement. 

Due to the private jet lawsuit and his non-payment of $200,000 in legal fees his attorney is owed for defending it (albeit they lost the case but understandably so LOL) $2,000,000 of Wayne's $30,000,000 in art was seized this month by the Miami Dade's Sheriff Office, who raided his home under court order (the financial judgment). If Wayne wants his art back, he has to cough up the $2,000,000 he owes to his creditors. 

Wayne has now been sued by Pyrotek Special Effects regarding his 2013 concert tour, for failure to pay for fireworks displays used in his music shows. The company has obtained a court judgment for $96,000, as they had previously struck a settlement with Wayne to pay a financial figure, but he failed to do so. If Wayne does not pay, the sheriff's office could end up knocking the locks off his front door again and seizing more of his property.

People deserve to be paid for their work. I don't know why some in Hollywood, particularly the so-called, self-proclaimed "Illuminati" have the mentality that people's time, hard work and property are free for them to exploit for undue enrichment. You can afford to pay people what you owe them. Stop ripping people off.


Lil Wayne Hit Again with Court Judgment Stop the Bleeding!!!

11/9/2015 2:40 PM PST - Lil Wanye is getting pummeled by court judgments ... the latest by a pyrotechnics company that wants a pound of the rapper's flesh. It seems Wayne got a bunch of fireworks from Pyrotek Special Effects for his 2013 tour, including 200 tracer comets, 92 silver gerbs, 2 white flashes with a bang, 36 propane tanks and 30 lbs of exploding powder. Wayne didn't pay and the company sued, but they struck a settlement. Thing is ... Wayne never paid up, so the company just went back to court and got a $96k judgment...