Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Obama Administration’s War On Journalists, Bloggers And Whistleblowers Reaches Criminal Levels Reviving COINTELPRO With The Help Of The FBI, NSA And CIA

U.S. President Barack Obama

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” - First Amendment Of The U.S. Constitution

The Judiciary Report has broken a number of time-stamped stories that later proved 100% true and correct, among them are exclusives on the Obama Administration such as:

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NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Site’s Previous Claims
New Scandal Erupts Regarding The FBI And Justice Department Monitoring Calls Of AP Reporters Confirming Previous Site Claims
News Report: The IRS Targeted Christians (Confirming Previous Site Claims)

Well, here’s another one for you. The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has revived COINTELPRO against political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers, who expose the government’s criminal conduct. COINTELPRO is a heinous program the FBI created in the 1950s to disrupt, discredit and destroy people and groups its disliked for having too much influence over the populace.

People, particularly outspoken black people, who sought equal rights and justice in society, saw their business and personal lives destroyed in sick ways at the FBI's hands. Some were even murdered in cold blood as a means of silencing them. As a black man, Obama should be ashamed to have rebooted this terrible tool in modern times that was previously used against great men such as the late Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers.

Under the Obama Administration, relatives, (romantic) partners and friends of political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers are being illegally contacted by the feds and told their loved one has gone crazy, is making up stories on the government, who needs help reining them in, to help them for their own good. However, it is a load of crap, as it is meant to irreparably damage and destroy the target (political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers).

Relatives, partners and friends are unwittingly fed invasive items about the person and told to repeat it back at them verbatim as the government texts, emails and phone calls state, not realizing it came directly from criminally placed FBI, CIA and NSA wiretaps, roving bugs (audio and video), email hacking, phone hacking, webcam spying and other means of surveillance not permitted under law against innocent people or for the aforementioned purposes. Court orders for wiretaps, the collection of emails and phone records, as well as computer contents, must be done via a judicial process and cannot be done to silence writers and whistleblowers.

Many political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers have had their phone service and internet tampered with by the Obama Administration, via the FBI, CIA and NSA, seeking to thwart stories being publishing exposing their criminal conduct. The Obama Administration via the via the FBI, CIA and NSA, is also illegally intercepting and opening the mail of political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers. The Obama Administration has also engaged in incidents of criminal harassment, threats, bullying and gaslighting, against political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers. These are criminal offenses being committed by the Obama Administration worthy of federal imprisonment.

Relatives, partners and friends are asked to search their loved one’s computers, home and personal belongings for specific information and items. They are asked to steal items and give it to the government agents handling the respective cases. Political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers are also being subjected to illegal tampering and intrusions of their bank accounts, business accounts, credit accounts and credit reports. The Obama Administration is going around unlawfully trying to get political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers fired from their jobs so they will have no means of supporting themselves, which is an economic crime.

Additionally relatives, partners and friends of political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers who do not go along with the sick program, are fired from their jobs, subjected to malicious, baseless tax audits and in some cases fake, trumped up charges are brought against them for things they did not do (arrested for phony DUIs when they were not drunk, accused of financial crimes they did not commit ect…).

In many of these cases the Obama Administration’s conduct are not just criminal, they also constitute hate crimes. For example, one journalist being targeted is an gay American man. His boyfriend, most of his friends and some of his family are gay as well. The government unleashing the rebooted COINTELPRO against them in illegal bids at stopping the journalist’s lawful stories exposing Obama Administration criminal activity, is targeting gays and as such is a hate crime, deemed worse under existing U.S. statutes.

In other cases, some of the law abiding political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers being criminally targeted by the Obama Administration are Christians and so are the people in their circle who are being subjected to the government sponsored abuses as well, under the president‘s bids at illegally silencing them from publishing articles exposing his criminal behavior. Once again, these are hate crimes by the Obama Administration, as it is targeting a specific group of people, in order to harm a political journalist, blogger or whistleblower.

There are cases under this rebooted COINTELPRO where the Obama Administration has inexcusably interfered with the medical care of political journalists, bloggers and whistle blowers in criminal violation of HIPA. The Obama Administration has illegally contacted doctors and other medical providers demanding they engage in conduct counterproductive to the health and well being of political journalists, bloggers and whistle blowers targeted under their vile reboot of COINTELPRO.

This criminal misconduct is done to cause division in families and relationships, in order to isolate and damage political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers from their loved ones, in a psychological maneuver psychiatrists label a targeted plan to emotionally and mentally abuse, then destroy the victim as a means of neutralizing them.

The Obama Administration has taken its COINTELPRO reboot so far as to engage in deceptive, underhanded and vile conduct to break up marriages and families of political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers, as was previously done in repeated efforts to destroy the home life of Martin Luther King Jr. The reasoning is a person will lose their will to live under such circumstances. The FBI is after all the agency that sent civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr a letter demanding he kill himself.

The COINTELPRO reboot has a psychological component of the program aimed at applying pressure with the intent of driving targets to suicide and was designed with the assistance of psychiatrists. The psychiatrists who designed this aspect of the rebooted COINTELPRO program were told it would be used on terrorists. However, the Obama Administration is using it on political journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers (as well as political rivals) in criminal violation of the law.

What type of insidious evil is this coming from the Obama Administration. You do realize this type of invasive, criminal conduct is associated with psychotics, sociopaths and perverted voyeurs. Not to mention, nowhere in U.S. or U.N. law is it legal to do such sick things to people. Just because you’re the government doesn’t make the conduct you’re exhibiting, which is found in books on mental illness and abnormal psychology, acceptable or okay. If civilians did any of the sick crap the Obama Administration is doing they would be thrown in federal prison and fed a steady stream of anti-psychotic medication.

This is what the Obama Administration is wasting American taxpayer dollars on in criminal violation of United States and United Nations laws. This criminal misconduct against members of the press and whistleblowers constitutes serious felonies and human rights abuses (and there's proof). Congress is giving them billions of dollars in taxpayer money and this is the contemptible evil they are doing with it (then hypocritically lecturing America and the world on human rights, equality, democracy and free society).

Chairman/Emperor/Dictator Obama is violating the rights of political journalists and whistleblowers in conduct condemned by domestic and international laws, as well as noted human rights groups. It’s pretty sad when the public can’t tell the administration from the criminals.