Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Had To Be Sedated After Losing Election To Donald Trump Leading To Delay In Concession Speech

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton was hysterically screaming and crying yesterday when she discovered she lost the election to rival Donald Trump. It was the worst moment of her life. Clinton thought she had the election won. The media hype and voter fraud had Clinton believing there was no way she could lose the election. 

She had a complete and total breakdown when she realized Trump met the required 270 figure in the electoral college to become the 45th President of the United States. She was catatonic. Clinton had to be sedated when she discovered Trump was elected President of the United States, crushing a long held dream she possessed. 

Hillary Clinton

As a result of the sedation, Clinton did not follow tradition in addressing her supporters on the stage to concede defeat, until many hours later at 11:30AM the day after the election. Clinton has spoken of sexism in politics, but a man would have handled the loss differently, addressing the public right away. For female politicians to be taken seriously, women must show equal resolve as men.


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