Thursday, October 13, 2016

Story Of Bill Clinton Impregnating Black Prostitute Is Similar To Film 'Primary Colors'

Bill Clinton and Danney Williams don't share a big resemblance, but have similar noses (Photo from Williams' Facebook page).
A black prostitute's son, Danney Williams, recently resurfaced stating former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, is his dad from an extramarital affair that occurred when the politician was the Governor of the U.S. State of Arkansas. Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is being accused of banishing Williams from her husband's life over the scandalous claims that have been around for nearly three decades.

Hillary wanted the family to be in the White House and saw the claims of Williams' mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, as a massive obstacle. Shortly after Williams made the claims in the 1980s, she was mysteriously arrested and sent to prison for years, leaving Danney's aunt to raise him.
Danney Williams and his mother Bobbie Ann Williams
Williams was born in 1986. In 1998, actress Kathy Bates starred in the political film "Primary Colors." It followed the life of a Caucasian, adulterous politician, who is a southern governor Stanton like Bill Clinton, vying to become President of the United States, but trouble arises when rumors surface he impregnated a black teenage girl, who's dad's name is Willie, which sounds like Williams, as in Danney Williams and Bobbie Ann Williams. The crooked political couple tamper with the paternity test results. Though the governor's wife in the film is somewhat similar to Hillary Clinton, the character she is truly like is Libby, a political advisor who simply goes too far.

Libby is an overly ambitious battleaxe of a woman, who is a lesbian that is determined to get what she wants at all costs while working with the male presidential candidate that is like Bill Clinton, going around cleaning up his messes by getting rough with his accusers. It is a direct takeoff of Hillary Clinton in the film. The Clintons former senior political advisors and others have described Hillary Clinton in this manner.

"Primary Colors"
In the end, after cleaning up his messes, Libby cracks and commits suicide, which is precipitated by an incident of her doing something very evil in trying to preserve their political ambitions and becoming disillusioned by the crooked political couple (suicide is never the answer). Bill Clinton was President of the United States when the film was made and released. The similarities between the Clintons and the characters in the film are very apparent. Articles have made reference to the fact the film is about the Clintons. It's not particularly flattering, as the film is not a compliment and makes politicians look very bad.