Monday, October 3, 2016

Debate Rages Whether Atlanta Woman Lawfully Shot And Killed Intruder (Video)

A restaurateur in Atlanta, Georgia shot and killed one of three intruders, who broke into the home of one of her employees as they slept. It is believed the three intruders were watching her movements and that of her employee, looking for an opportune time to stage a home invasion robbery. The thieves wanted money believed to be in the house, earned from restaurant sales. The house also contained restaurant supplies. 

The home had security cameras, which captured the shooting. Two of the intruders are still at large. Some are debating whether she was right to shoot and or kill one of the intruders. However, gun toting men broke into a private residence. The occupants must have been terrified. Who knows what they would have done to the occupants of the property in addition to robbing them. She was perfectly within her right to shoot. The lives of the occupants of the home was in danger. You don't violate the privacy and sanctity of someone's home.