Thursday, September 29, 2016

Secret Video Shows Angelina Jolie Talking About Joining The Illuminati And Making Satanic Animal Sacrifices (Video)

The video posted above was secretly recorded and later uploaded, revealing Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie talking about the Hollywood Illuminati, which is the Kabbalah Center, animal sacrifices to Satan, killing her snake as a sacrifice, engaging in painful sadomasochism as a devil worshipper and recording the sick secret events. To think Jolie, who is very mentally disturbed, has political ambitions and is actually giving people advice. Bad idea!

Jolie's father, actor John Voight, has referred to her as very mentally ill and she unquestionably is so. Jolie has done a host of things that greatly upset and disturbed her father, such as sleeping on people's graves, carrying around people's blood in a veil around her neck, incestuously kissing her brother on the mouth and proclaiming she is in love with him, repeatedly cutting herself and taking drugs such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana and meth.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt  Jolie is a devil worshipper, who dragged her husband, former Baptist, Brad Pitt, into atheism against his parents wishes. The couples lives have been unraveling, as their marriage fell apart as a complete sham. The couple and their family have so many alarming problems, some of which have not hit the press. For all the money they have acquired, they are unhappy, miserable and suicidal. Their life is a nightmare. I encourage the public not to follow the so-called Hollywood Illuminati's example, as it will bring terrible misfortune into your life, not worth what you think you will gain. You don't need the Illuminati to make it in life. These devil worshipping stars, disseminating their sick, demonic entertainment and satanic views to the public, are spiritually bringing something very bad on America with their behavior.

Devil worshipping will attract evil, darkness and misfortune to your life. God does not bless that. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but when you decide you are going to be bad and engage in dark conduct, you are sowing the seeds of disaster, to spring up in your life. You put that evil and darkness out there and it will return to you. It is better to embrace life and the good in this world. 

Side Bar: in the video they take about three revolutions of nipple twisting, which I am assuming means painfully turning a person's nipple three times in a row without pausing. It's an unwise thing to do. It promotes breast cancer, something Jolie is already genetically predisposed to, which would only make doing so even worse for a person. It damages the breast tissue, disrupting cell patterns.