Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kabbalah Cult File Fraudulent DMCA Claim Attempting To Suppress Story About Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s

Hillary Clinton having a seizure after the September 11, 2016 memorial ceremony
The Judiciary Report was mysteriously offline for hours on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, as it was the subject of a massive hack DDOS attack. The site was briefly restored online, then no sooner was it offline again a few hours later on Wednesday morning through to Thursday evening, due to a fraudulent DMCA filed with the site's host, by a member of crazy Madonna's Kabbalah cult.

The Kabbalah Center did the aforementioned in criminal bids at getting the site knocked offline due to the articles about Hillary Clinton having Parkinson’s disease. The idiot member of the Kabbalah Center that filed the fraudulent DCMA complaint in a bid at restricting free speech/free press is going to get sued and publicly disgraced over it in a forthcoming documentary. 

I was trying to play nice to some degree regarding my writing on the current election. However, over the aforementioned little stunt they pulled in tampering with the site, I declare I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in the election. 

As longtime Judiciary Report site readers know, I had to go to the FBI about Hillary Clinton and Madonna’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano, due to his criminal conduct in engaging in mass illegal wiretapping, identity theft, racketeering and computer hacking on behalf of famous people, who paid him in excess of $100,000 (per incident) to target innocent people. I gave the FBI documents and spoken testimony detailing his criminal behavior in tandem with people like Madonna. It resulted in his arrest on wiretapping charges 4-months later. I also broke the phone hacking case with a formal written complaint to the Metropolitan Police in London, England.

Clinton has been heavily involved in Pellicano’s crimes, having hired him to illegally stalk, wiretap, threaten, computer hack and burglarize political enemies and women her husband, Bill Clinton, was having sex with. However, as with the 2016 case regarding Clinton criminally mishandling classified documents, the FBI corruptly allowed her to skate on charges, in an outcome that outraged America (FBI Hit With Massive Backlash From Americans Labeling Them 'Corrupt' For 'Rigging' Hillary Clinton Investigation Into Mishandling Classified Information And Not Charging Her For Crimes She Committed and Members Of Congress Question FBI Director James Comey In Hearing About Hillary Clinton Lying To The Legislature And FBI Under Oath).

It’s no secret Madonna is affiliated with Hillary Clinton. The loser Madonna name drops Clinton every chance she gets. Madonna was also seen crazily slithering out of Bill Clinton’s office in New York. Madonna also insanely stated she was going to redecorate the White House [Dish Nation TV Show Slams Madonna As A 'Crazy' Madwoman For Stating She Is Moving To The White House And Can't Wait To Redecorate (Hillary Clinton)]

I can tell you from the FBI case involving Clinton and Madonna's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, that Madonna has criminally passed to the Clintons time stamped computer documents and emails that were illegally hacked and contained original political items the Clintons' used without permission and publicly so, especially Hillary. It's very dumb to publicly reference hacked documents and emails in public, especially considering they are time stamped and predate you spewing them off attributing it to yourself like a parrot in a pantsuit. Very incriminating. This is part of how I know Clinton's mind is going. 

It is vile the manner in which they behave like America is a lawless land where one can do anything illegal thing imaginable to innocent people. America is supposed to be a country of free speech and free press, yet look what those people in Hollywood, backed by the U.S. government, keep doing in going to drastic, fraudulent lengths to suppress freedom of expression. 

Millions of people read my sites from all over the world. Many world governments of various ideologies are in the Judiciary Report’s site hits. They range from people who practice democracy to those who are socialists and communists. How do you think it looks to them that the U.S. government is touting free speech and free press, while criticizing countries like China, then insanely trying to suppress free speech and free press in America. They are calling you hypocrites and frauds for it.  

Hillary Clinton is not all there
Another thing, I’m sick of people trying to tell me how to vote and who to endorse on this website for government elections. I am not a puppet. I do what I want. You are not going to control what I do, say or write. You are not going to tell me how to think or do anything else in my life, where you are not wanted.

For the past 8 years I’ve been approached in America and Britain by people from the U.S. government and the Kabbalah Center trying to browbeat and bully me into voting for Barack Obama, then Hillary Clinton. At this rate I don’t like either one of them. I am going to do a forthcoming article on just how far the harassment has gone, with receipts and saved time stamped emails to accompany my claims.

Embrace this: I am not voting for Hillary Clinton. Not now. Not ever. Not in a million years. I know too much about Clinton from the Anthony Pellicano case I went to the FBI about to ever endorse such a brazen criminal, who has harmed many innocent people. Clinton has done horrible things to innocent people and is completely unfit, both mentally and physically, to be President of the United States. I would never and will never endorse Clinton. So get over it. 

I tried to play nice and not say it outright, but you tampering with my site has provoked me into publicly denouncing her. I would have preferred it if Bernie Sanders had been the nominee. We don't share the same political views (he's a liberal and I'm a conservative), but I like that he cares about poor people and was trying to improve life for the less fortunate and middle class. I also like the work he did during the civil rights era.

American voters need to take note of the kind of madness emanating from the Clinton camp. Her crazy friends in Hollywood are attacking innocent people for not endorsing her and for having an opinion critical of her behavior (Benghazi, mishandling classified information ect). One Clinton supporter, actor Wendell Pierce, punched a woman in the head over not supporting Hillary in favor of Bernie Sanders.

Free speech is allegedly covered by the Constitution, but Hollywood is proving otherwise, by outright spitting on the law of the land in verbally, physically and financially abusing people who don't support Clinton. The whole thing looks crazy and sick. You only get one vote. Leave other people and their vote alone.


Hillary Clinton health problems have taken over her campaign
To further illustrate the fact they are insanely trying to restrict free speech, the Clinton camp is busy trying to rig search results on Google and social networking websites (Obama And Hillary Clinton Tried To Use The Federal Election Commission To Silence And Punish The Conservative Media In America While Engaging In Censorship Using Google). Journalist who criticize Clinton, as with what transpired with those who disagree with President Obama's policies and behavior, Google will financially punish you by stripping away ad revenue on your websites, Blogger and You Tube.

How is that free speech or free press as promised by the U.S. Constitution? How is that a free society? How can you criticize nations like China regarding press freedoms, yet you do this. America is no longer a free and democratic society. Obama, the Clintons and their crazy cronies in Hollywood have seen to that, all while Congress snoozes on the job.

Since Clinton’s friends in Hollywood like to aggravate people, I’ll spell it out in plain English: if the public votes for Clinton, you will be getting a person who has exhibited an alarming drive to control and suppress the press, which would spell a gross lack of personal and social freedoms for the public. You would also be getting a person too sick and incapacitated to carry out the duties of president, who would be routinely sidelined due to blackouts, fainting spells and other symptoms of her neurological disorder. 


YouTube Has Quietly Begun "Censoring" Journalists Who Criticize Government
Sep 15, 2016 4:23 PM - Earlier this month, YouTube, the behemoth video-sharing website was accused of censoring users. Claiming some of their videos had been barred from making money through the company’s ad services, YouTube hosts like Philip DeFranco spoke out against the policy, claiming over “a dozen of his videos had been flagged as inappropriate for advertising, including one dinged for ‘graphic content or excessive strong language.'"

While YouTube has already confirmed its policy regarding what it considers unfit for monetization hasn’t changed, the issue might lie elsewhere now that the company seems more efficient in enforcing its own rules. As a matter of fact, the content policy changed in 2012, when YouTube first introduced its “ad-friendly” guidelines.

But while an algorithm is allegedly used to spot and “de-monetize” videos that break the company’s rules, many continue to accuse the company, currently owned by Google, of having “vague” descriptions of what its leadership considers ad-friendly... 

To Luke Rudkowski, the man behind the popular channel We Are Change, YouTube’s policy of nixing monetization on some of his most popular videos has been a problem for a long time. “For years,” he told The Anti-Media, “I have monetized and still get f*cked from it.” Especially, he continued, “[when I launch a video about] Hillary, or war and foreign policy.” When his videos touch on drugs or guns, however, he says ads remain in place. “When the videos only have ‘Hillary Clinton’ they do fine,” he added, “however, when we add ‘FBI’, that’s when YouTube” springs into action...



Obama And Hillary Clinton Tried To Use The Federal Election Commission To Silence And Punish The Conservative Media In America While Engaging In Censorship Using Google

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