Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton Loses Control Of Her Eyes During Speech Indicating Neurological Problem (Video)

U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost control of her eyes during a recent speech. The incident alarmed many, as it indicates neurological problems. Clintons eyes pointed in different directions several times in a matter of a few short minutes, which coupled with her chronic confusion, forgetfulness and the loss of control of facial expressions, indicates diminishing brain function.

Clinton continues to dodge practical questions about her health in favor of turning the subject on interviewers in bringing up Trump's health. Despite the deflective dodges, Clinton's health issues continue to dominate global headlines, with many stating she is too sick to carry out the duties of President of the United States.

Some have expressed concern that Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, would be the one doing the work if she won the election, as she is simply unwell. However, it would be an unethical way of circumventing the rule which states a person can only be President of the United States for two terms. Bill Clinton served two terms in office from 1993-2001.

Bill Clinton also has serious health problems, having undergone a quadruple bypass in 2004, which is a serious heart operation. In 2010 Bill Clinton was rushed to the hospital with chest pains, which required additional surgery to install two coronary artery stents. It's clear, the Clintons cannot take stress anymore.

On the flip side of the coin, Clinton's rival Donald Trump, is in a constant state of stress and anger, fighting against the mainstream media and the Clinton camp, who are in league with each other. Clinton is also working herself up yelling about Trump at rallies. By all accounts, Trump is the far healthier candidate. However, it should be noted, all politicians need to learn proper stress management. Stress is no one's friend.  

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