Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton Collapses On Campaign Trail Just As The Judiciary Report Predicted Days Prior (Video)

And It's Going To Happen Again If She Continues Like This...

In the September 7, 2016 article “Questions Arise On How Sick Hillary Clinton Is That She Needs A Full Time Secretive Medical Specialist On The Campaign Trail Who Is Hiding His Identity” the Judiciary Report stated regarding the health of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, “America is facing a real conundrum - crooked, corrupt Hillary who is so sick she is liable to drop down at any time or divisive Donald Trump, who is now trying to mend fences after offending so many people.”

5-days later the site has been proven correct, due to the fact Clinton did indeed “drop down” hitting the ground after leaving the September 11th memorial ceremony early and in a rush this past Sunday. Clinton had a seizure while being whisked away to a van often used to transport disabled people. Clinton’s campaign is trying to state she became “overheated” from pneumonia.  However, it was 78 degrees in New York. That is not the type of weather one overheats in. Not to mention, someone with pneumonia wouldn't be out in a crowd, as Clinton was at the memorial. No doctor would advise such a thing.

Video of Clinton’s collapse shows her standing upward, then shaking and swaying while waiting to be loaded in the van. Clinton was having a seizure. As an agent opened the door, Clinton could not longer remain upright, the shaking and swaying got worse and she began falling face forward in a rigid motion. People who faint are not stiff and rigid. They go limp. Clinton’s body was stiff due to the seizure activity. 

Without flinching, as this is clearly a regular occurrence, Clinton’s team got in formation, with two people dragging her into the van in a nonchalant, callous manner. The rest of the team formed a wall in an attempt to block public view. However, someone caught pictures and videos of the incident and it shows Clinton having a seizure.

Clinton wearing Zeiss lenses at 9:00AM in the morning at the memorial, favored by epileptics to block out some of the effects of flashing lights from cameras, known to trigger seizures

Clinton had been photographed all morning at the September 11 memorial service and flashing lights from cameras is a known trigger of seizures in epileptics. As I stated on Twitter on Sunday, Clinton was wearing shades favored by epileptics to block out some of the flashing lights from cameras (it won’t block out everything though, as one would not be able to see to walk). Clinton had a mini seizure months ago when several reporters surrounded her while she was buying coffee. They began taking pictures, pointed a bright video camera light at her and she had a petit mal seizure.

I think Clinton felt the seizure coming on and rushed out of the September 11th memorial service on Sunday to avoid having a grand mal seizure in front of reporters. No one wants to be filmed or photographed having a seizure. The headlines would have been merciless. 

Some epileptics can tell when a seizure is coming on. My friend’s late daughter was born with a rare disability that the University of Miami used as a case study. She was not expected to live past age one, but lived to 16-years-of-age, which was remarkable. Due to a small growth on her liver, which the University of Miami hypothesized occurred due to a recessive gene in one of her parents, she was born profoundly disabled, both mentally and physically. 

She had several disabilities. The seizure disorder also accompanied her illnesses. Seizure disorder is often not classified as a disability. There are millions of epileptics, many of whom are of a high intelligence level, who prevent seizures with medication and live normal lives. However, my friend’s daughter had a severe form of epilepsy and strong drugs like Tegretol, which can troublingly decrease one’s white blood cell count, was used to try to control the seizures (but due to the severity of the seizures, some broke through anyway at various points in the day). There is experimental brain surgery for severe seizure sufferers, but there are risks associated with the procedure.

Some people have worse seizures than others (grand mal) and sometimes it turns deadly. My friend’s little daughter always knew when a seizure was coming. She would warn her mom when she felt a seizure coming on and to prepare for it (to protect her from biting her tongue or hitting her head). Within minutes the seizure would strike.

An observant person on Twitter correctly stated Clinton's doctor was giving her a neurological test on Sunday. A doctor would only do that in a non-clinical setting when there is a preexisting neurological problem.

The Judiciary Report previously stated Clinton has epilepsy. She has been having seizures since her neurological troubles began in 2010, but her team has been hiding it. The well documented 2010 blood clot on her brain, where she fainted and hit her head on the floor, was the first of several such falls. Clinton has sustained concussions due to blacking out/fainting/falls from her neurological problems and hitting her head on hard surfaces.

Startling an epileptic can create a seizure as well. Remember the video from a few weeks ago where a protester startled Clinton and she lapsed into a mini-seizure, prompting her neurologist to sprint on stage, put his arm behind her so she wouldn’t fall and quickly snap her out of it by talking to her to bring her back. I’ve seen that type of seizure before and you can snap an epileptic out of that trance by speaking to them in a reassuring manner.

Clinton has a host of medical problems. It's not a few small problems. My theory is the blood clot and falls where she hit her head triggered dementia and Parkinsons. I’ve observed that many Parkinsons sufferers had a head injury of some form, then years, sometimes decades later, the disorder developed (many are initially misdiagnosed as well). I’ve also observed many Alzheimer’s sufferers suffered severe mental strain or mental abuse prior to becoming ill. A number of heads of state developed Alzheimer’s and I believe it is due to the massive mental strain of the job.

Clinton has been losing a bit of weight, hopefully from cutting out the fatty foods she’s known for and has been pictured consuming, as higher cholesterol levels can cause additional problems regarding her blood circulation issues (from the blood clot). Clogged arteries from fatty foods creates serious issues for people with blood clots.

Some are attributing Clinton’s violent coughing to Parkinsons. It could be. However, I know Parkinsons sufferers who aren’t coughing at all, though they’ve experienced more advance physical symptoms than Clinton (pain in the neck and jaw, the jaw locking at times, knees and arms locking, all creating pain).

I am of the belief Clinton’s blood circulation issues from the blood clot is causing the coughing due to her poor diet and the problem putting pressure on her heart. Clinton is taking the blood thinner Coumadin (Wafarin) due to having suffered blood clots. However, people with blood clot issues have been known to have heart problems as well and the greasy, fatty pork chops on a stick she favors isn’t helping. Clinton’s family also has a history of heart disease and stroke. As stated last week, Clinton’s mouth is slightly twisted in a manner of someone who has had a stroke.  

I’m not a Clinton political supporter, but this has become quite sad. She is sick and that certainly is not funny or amusing. At the same time, it is quite troubling how far they are going with this charade and farce in trying to cover up her serious medical problems that preclude her from being president. No one should want the presidency that badly that they put the nation and their health and life at risk.
People with seizures have worked in government. The head of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, is an epileptic. He had another seizure a few years ago after hitting his head while on vacation. 

However, medication controls his seizures, save such incidents as accidental head trauma.
The mere fact medication is not controlling Clinton’s seizures says she has the severe form of epilepsy that can kill under the wrong circumstances. Clinton is risking life and health via her campaign. She is going to drop down again and if she is not careful it will be in front of people and well documented to greater degrees.

The twisted appearance of Clinton's mouth, especially on the left side, which has drooping as well, indicates she had a stroke

Due to Clinton’s preexisting blood clot, concussion, stroke and epilepsy medical issues, she is not supposed to be under any stress, drinking regular coffee or not getting enough sleep. She is doing all those things on the campaign trail and to a brain that has already sustained the aforementioned damage. Clinton is creating additional damage, which will cause neuro-toxins to flourish in her brain and body, due to the stress, distress and rigors of campaigning. Let’s not even talk about what a presidency would do to her already damaged brain.

In my humble opinion, the main issue with Clinton is not the seizures, it’s the fact she has dementia, as confirmed by emails from Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin to members of staff. This was also confirmed by the FBI criminal investigation interviews where Clinton kept stating she forgot or was confused about important events, incidents and developments as it relates to her former job as Secretary if State. That’s the dementia rearing its head.

While I don’t have the disorder, I sympathize with dementia suffers (and those who are sick with other diseases, disorders and syndromes). However, one cannot be head of state and have dementia. That’s a big no-no. That’s your brain deteriorating in a manner that can lead to catastrophe in a political setting. Dementia is a mental impairment that spells forgetfulness, memory loss, confusion, absent mindedness and serious errors.

The Clinton campaign need to stop making a mockery of medicine and science putting forth outright lies about her health condition that are not only illogical, but dangerous. People with her symptoms will brush off serious health problems as alleged “allergies” and “pneumonia” when it is far more pressing. Clinton has cancelled her next few campaign stops over the incident that occurred at the September 11th memorial ceremony. The public and press have now shifted the focus of her campaign to her fading health. 

My tweet on Twitter about Clinton's glasses on the day she wore them
No definitive and authentic MRIs, EKGs/ECGs, EEGs, angiograms, x-rays and blood tests have been provided to document her conditions from 2010 to the present. The public knows about the blood clots, concussions and broken bones from falls (her husband Bill Clinton confirmed much of this information about her health problems). However, no scans/medical imaging has been provided to show the state of Clintons brain regarding plaque, potential lesions or holes in the brain. 

It’s all been notes from her doctor, which can be quite deceiving. Her doctor wrote in a note that Clinton is in great health, but no one with a recent history of blood clots on the brain, concussions, blackouts, fainting spells and broken bones from falls related to neurological problems is in good health. Please stop insulting our intelligence. Stop pulling this scam on the American people. And stop dragging her around like it's the movie "Weekend At Bernie's" (the way they dragged her into the van on Sunday after the memorial like a sack of potatoes is alarming, disconcerting and doesn't look good).

If you posted Clinton’s true medical history, imaging scans and blood tests included, along with history of falls, concussions, broken bones and seizures, without putting her name on the file, any medical professional worth their salt would tell you it forms the profile of a patient who is not well. There's nothing wrong with being sick, millions of people are, but if they posted Clinton's true medical history, not a doctored up note, pardon the pun, she would not be eligible to be president. The Clinton camp knows that. Hence the massive cover-up.

Side Bar: the Democrats should have let Bernie Sanders represent them. He was the true winner anyway. Isn't that right Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. I always say God is the God of irony. You steal the election from that man and the person you stole it for is being exposed before our very eyes in an astounding manner as unfit to be president, in what could create a constitutional crisis and accelerate her passing from the stress she is placing on her already failing health.