Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Congressman Robert Pittenger Puts His Foot In His Mouth During Interview Stating ‘Black People Hate White People Because White People Are Successful And They Are Not’ (Video)

A sitting member of the U.S. Congress, Robert Pittenger, did a widely televised interview on the BBC, regarding current North Carolina protests and riots, in response to the shooting death of black man Keith Lamont Scott at the hands of an unnamed police officer. Congressman Pittenger, of North Carolina, caused a great deal of offense with his degrading racial statements that are a poor representation of the U.S. Congress.

The interview started quite normally, but then Pittenger began making race based statements that were uncomfortable. BBC newscaster James O’Brien tried to steer him back on the right track, to refocus on the protests and riots that occurred due to the murder of Keith Lamont Scott. However, congressman Pittenger veered off course again, crashed and burned by stating of the black protesters, “They hate white people because white people are successful and they are not.” 

Wow. Just wow.

O’Brien, squinting in utter disbelief then asked, “So a black man gets shot by a black police officer and the people protest because they hate white people?” Pittenger reiterated his statement and blamed it on the brother of murder victim Keith Scott having stated he hates all white people. 

The BBC is one of the largest newscasters in the world. Their broadcasts are translated into many languages and beamed out across the world to countless millions. Therefore, many people witnessed the ignorance Pittenger stated and as a member of Congress. Pittenger apologized last night, but the damage was done. People are now wondering how many other people in Congress hold his ignorant, incorrect view of black people.

Robert Pittenger
Yesterday morning in the article “Oklahoma Police Killing Unarmed Black Man Terrence Crutcher For Having Car Trouble And Looking Like 'A Bad Dude' Is Racial Profiling” I stated members of government such as the police are representing America in the world and should be mindful of their actions. 

Pittenger would do well to keep that in mind as well, especially when he decides to do an international interview and defame black people to countless millions around the world. He has poorly represented America on the BBC giving a false, defamatory and offensive impression of black people. The average black person does not hate white people. Black people dislike being singled out for harmful, abusive and deadly treatment, as we repeatedly see with African Americans men being summarily murdered by police. 

Basketball legend and successful businessman Michael Jordan grew up in North Carolina and I can tell you right now, he wouldn’t switch places with Pittenger, me or anyone else, black or white. So please, desist with the egotistical, self-aggrandizing, crazy crap on television like there are no successful black people in existence.

For the record, I’m a black woman and I don’t hate white people. I love white people and all races. Therefore, it is disappointing and offensive to hear people make the type of statements Pittenger did on television.