Monday, September 5, 2016

Chris Brown Accuser Baylee Curran Is A Lesson For Women Who Want To Marry Rich Men

Chris Brown
25-year-old, Baylee Curran, the woman accusing 27-year-old, Chris Brown, of pulling a gun on her in his Tarzana mansion she wasn’t even invited to, doesn’t make much money. Hence the stealing, which is disgraceful, as many struggling musicians, actors and actresses work honest minimum wage jobs to support themselves while pursuing their dreams in entertainment. Curran’s film role credits pay very little and some of them are non-paying roles that struggling actors and actresses take in order to have more credits on their resume and to join SAG (Screen Actors Guild). 

Baylee Curran

While I personally believe people should marry for love and not money, I understand not everyone shares my view on the subject. Curran is a reasonably attractive woman. It should have been easy for her to land a rich man, which is what she wants, in order to buy expensive jewelry and purses (which she keeps stealing). 

Baylee Curran

There are women who have married rich men and their breasts don’t even look half as buoyant as Curran's (you know Curran's lips and chi-chis look fake). The point is, Currant has a cute look, which could attract a rich man. However, rich men (and those without a lot of money) don’t want a chick who will steal their things and make up stories that could land them in prison.