Friday, August 26, 2016

TI Cheating On Tiny With Escort Analicia Chaves And Is Now Openly Following Her On Instagram

A post on Instagram about TI following his mistress Analicia Chaves (Photo redacted by the Judiciary Report)
The Sandra Rose blog recently broke the story about rapper TI cheating on long suffering wife, Tiny, once again, but this time with Analicia Chaves. Rose reported Chaves was given special access to TI's hotel suites while he was away from wife TI. If you remember correctly, Chaves and then sex partner, footballer Karim Benezema, complained to Google about the Judiciary Report carrying a story from another site, about Analicia being an escort. Shortly after Benzema was jailed on extortion charges regarding blackmailing a teammate over a sextape.

TI and Tiny 

 To add insult to injury, TI is now following his mistress Analicia on Instagram, which is disrespectful to his wife, Tiny, who is the mother of his children. Since the time TI has been cheating on his wife and publicly disrespecting her with other women, public support for him has eroded. He needs to stop cheating on his wife and focus on fixing his problems, as the IRS is after him for millions of dollars in back taxes, all his businesses are failing, he is experiencing major career trouble regarding his rap music and his restaurant is closing.