Thursday, August 11, 2016

President Obama’s Daughter Malia Caught Smoking Marijuana (Photo)

Malia Obama’s Fall From Grace Continues…

Malia Obama (left) smoking marijuana. Barack Obama (pictured right).
A new photo has been released of U.S. President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, smoking marijuana at the Lollapalooza music festival last week in Chicago, Illinois. The photo is a still from a mobile phone video. Radar Magazine online released the embarrassing photo, further cementing Malia‘s fall from grace. Last week, Malia was caught on video exposing half her behind, via lifting her skirt and twerking at Lollapalooza. It was disappointing. 

As reported on the Judiciary Report last week, Malia has been behaving like a wild child for the past couple years, regarding substance abuse and promiscuity, creating a nightmare for the Secret Service, who are in charge of protecting her and the First Family [President Obama's Daughter Taped Lifting Her Skirt, Exposing Her Backside And Twerking At A Festival Causing A Scandal In The Press And Online (Video)]. The photo of her smoking marijuana is proof of what the Judiciary Report has been hearing about Malia these past couple years, regarding her being a wild child, as stated on this site last week. 

Malia twerking at Lollapalooza

The fact of the matter is Secret Service agents have become exasperated with Malia’s antics over the past couple years and basically left her to her own devices recently, in clear sight of public view. It was a deliberate and calculated act on the part of the Secret Service (and the bitter FBI, who had a hand in this). 

As stated last week, Malia must do better than this. This is not appropriate conduct for anyone, particularly a head of state’s offspring who is also representing the nation. No one should make excuses for or encourage this behavior, as it is harmful to Malia and impressionable people watching her negative example.

Malia exposing her behind and twerking at Lollapalooza
Drug use is quite harmful. She does not know how her system will take it. Malia is not her father, who has been known to have drug and alcohol problems. Malia has her mother’s genes as well, which may react far differently to drugs and alcohol. Malia grew up in an environment with a dad with substance abuse issues (marijuana, cocaine and alcohol) and has been exposed to cigarette smoke (from her dad) since she was a child (second hand smoke). Her system is not the same as her dad’s and is more susceptible to problems due to prolonged exposure since childhood. She is also genetically predisposed to drug and alcohol abuse due to her dad.

Some will state she is young and experimenting, when there are tens of thousands of teenagers who have died from drug and or alcohol issues, in allegedly trying to find themselves. Drugs have also been known to bring out psychosis in people. Not everyone’s system can shrug it off. It also kills brain cells, impacts the respiratory system and can promote other health problems.

Malia is being criticized online and in articles for her appearance and behavior at Lollapalooza
I've seen drugs and alcoholism destroy brilliant people, who had everything going for them, with the world at their feet. It's apart of the reason I've never tried drugs. Therefore, I am not going to encourage drug use or drinking to excess via getting drunk (drinking in moderation without getting drunk is okay). 

Malia needs to focus on getting her education. Keep the toxins out of your life. Calm down and carry yourself like a proper young lady. Fast living will imperil you via bad choices, health issues and ultimately can destroy you. 

Malia and two rappers at Lollapalooza

Side Bar: I have been getting a very bad feeling about this. Malia is headed for disaster with what's going on.

Side Bar #2: There's a phrase that goes, "Bad company ruins good morals." There's another phrase that goes, "You are the company you keep." For the past few years President Obama and the First Lady have negligently allowed their daughter to repeatedly consort with drug taking, alcoholic, promiscuous, improperly dressed singers and rappers. We are seeing the end result of that now via Malia's troubling choices.

Side Bar #3: Former President George W. Bush did cocaine, marijuana and became alcoholic and it clearly caused some damage. I dare any scientist to prove me wrong that there aren't some brain cells missing there. I double dare you (LOL). Therefore, in closing, drugs and alcohol abuse is not harmless.


Posted on Aug 10, 2016 @ 6:58AM - Twerking was just the beginning! In a new low, wild child Malia Obama was caught on camera smoking "pot" at a recent concert, according to an eyewitness. And only has the explosive and WORLD EXCLUSIVE video!