Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More Questions Arise About Hillary Clinton’s Health Due To New Information And Photos

Drudge Report headlines on Hillary Clinton's health problems
More questions have arisen about the health of U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, as she was seen being guided up a short flight of stairs she should have been able to handle on her own, at her age, if she was in good health. Clinton has a host of health problems, from blood clotting issues that arose from a blood clot on the brain to a chronic coughing problem. In 2010, Clinton passed out and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered a blood clot on her brain.

Hillary Clinton being helped up stairs due to her frail health
Clinton now takes blood thinners on a daily basis and still suffers from significant vision issues from the medical event, which qualifies as brain trauma. This is apart of the reason Clinton often opens her eyes so widely, like something is amiss, as she has vision troubles (including double vision for which she began wearing strong corrective glasses known as Fresnel frames). The serious brain trauma has also made Clinton very forgetful and confused, according to her assistant, Huma Abedin. This information was revealed during the criminal investigation into Clinton's careless mishandling of classified information, in conduct that endangered America, while she was U.S. Secretary of State a few short years ago.

Hillary Clinton suffers from double vision and cross eyes as a permanent side effect of a brain trauma in 2010

A photograph was released this past weekend that has people online stating Clinton has cardiac issues, due to the condition of her fingers and nails. Clinton’s fingers were swollen and her nails somewhat discolored, which some have interpreted as circulation issues dealing with the heart. This goes back to the blood clot Clinton had on her brain. Blood clots negatively impact circulation and the heart. They can induce sudden, fatal heart attacks. Traumatic brain injuries or strokes and heart attacks can go hand in hand.

Brietbart tweet on Twitter about Clinton's fingers
 As stated in the column previously, the blood clot health crisis continues to contribute to Clinton’s chronic coughing that is uncontrollable and aggressive (Questions Mount About Hillary Clinton's Health And Whether She Is Mentally And Physically Fit To Be President). Clinton is not in good health. Her diet is also poor, exacerbating her health problems. Clinton eats foods such as “pork chops on a stick” which is said to be her favorite. She is clearly not following doctors orders regarding her health.