Thursday, August 18, 2016

Japanese Pole Vaulter Disqualified At Olympics Because His Penis Hit The Bar (Video)

Japanese Man’s Pole Costs Him Big Time!

Yesterday, Japanese pole vaulter, Hiroki Ogita, had a hard time at the Rio 2016 Olympics and it was all thanks to his penis. As he vaulted into the air, with the objective of sailing over the bar, his penis had other plans. Hiroki’s penis hit the bar with a thud, costing him the Olympic qualification. That’s right, Hiroki’s penis took out the Olympic bar (LOL). The wrong head was doing the thinking on that pole vault attempt. Can you imagine, you train for 4-years, only to flop out at the last minute. When your family, friends and other people back home ask you what happened you have to tell them, “My willy hit the bar” (LOL). On a positive note, women online are so impressed with the appearance of his manhood, he won't have any trouble getting a date.

Hiroki Ogita

Speaking of body parts, Tongan Olympian, Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, 32, caused quite a stir during the opening ceremony of the Olympics, as he strode out as the shirtless, oiled up flag bearer for his nation. Women on social networking couldn’t help but comment on his stunning physique. He ended up making the news in many countries. 

Pita Nikolas Taufatofua was the star of the opening ceremony at the 2016 Rio Olympics

The hosts on NBC's Today Show sexually harassing Pita. Well done ladies. This is the only time sexual harassment is acceptable (I'm just teasing).

Some men cried sexism on Twitter, complaining that if they stated something of a similar fashion about a female athlete, in the manner women have been tweeting about Pita, females would slam them for it. You know what, we women can comment on men looking good, but you men aren’t allowed to do the same (wink). It’s called a double standard. Deal with it (LOL).

Side Bar: you mean to tell me the Jamaican team couldn't send out Usain Bolt or Asafa Powell shirtless and swimming in coconut oil like Team Tonga did with Pita...and this wouldn't have been unusual for Asafa cause he's usually got his shirt off anyway (I'm just kidding).