Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters Angry He Was Pressured Into Endorsing Polar Opposite Hillary Clinton (Clinton Kill List)

An Instagram meme joking about a nervous Bernie Sanders having escaped the very real Clinton Kill list and it's a long list 
Many Bernie Sanders supporters are angry the senator was pressured into endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, especially after she and former DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, stole the election from him, as revealed by Wikileaks. Sanders appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention looking disheveled, upset, sweating, uneasy and very nervous while endorsing Clinton.
Sanders supporters loudly booed the decision, as the two are complete opposites. Clinton is evil.

Sanders has professed things that show he wants to benevolently help the poor and suffering in America, in an attempt to make the country more fair for everyone. Clinton wants to control and dominate the world and its resources, as seen in the exposé documentary "Clinton Cash."

All Clinton cares about is money and power and will go to any illegal lengths to get it. The fact America has been deprived of Sanders is sad, as he was the better person. Sanders does not have the guile and and evil heart Clinton possesses. Clinton is a glib, greedy, scheming, heartless politician who has repeatedly sold out the American people to the highest bidder (once again, see: "Clinton Cash" for further information).


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