Thursday, July 7, 2016

FBI Hit With Massive Backlash From Americans Labeling Them 'Corrupt' For 'Rigging' Hillary Clinton Investigation Into Mishandling Classified Information And Not Charging Her For Crimes She Committed

Hillary Clinton

This is a follow up to the July 2, 2016 article "Hillary Clinton Sits For FBI Criminal Interview As Democrats And Republicans Continue To Slam Her Husband Bill Clinton For Clandestine Meeting With Attorney General Loretta Lynch" where the site stated the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are not to be trusted, as they are corrupt and will not have Hillary Clinton prosecuted with the charges she so richly deserves, for outright criminal behavior committed in defiance of the law. 3-days later on July 5, 2016, FBI Director Comey proved the Judiciary Report right again in announcing to the world the agency will not recommend Clinton be prosecuted for the same crimes they've indicted others for in numerous cases.

I also warned in the July 1, 2016 Judiciary Report article "Bill Clinton Slammed For Meeting With Attorney General Loretta Lynch While Wife Hillary Clinton Is Under Criminal Investigation (Video)" that Bill Clinton secretly met with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch last week, telling her to rollover regarding Clinton's crimes, instructing the FBI and its parent agency, the DOJ, which she heads up, not to charge his crooked wife and with Obama's blessing. Clinton and Lynch's security were seen in the airport trying to shoo away people watching and trying to film the disgraceful, dirty, corrupt exchange.

In three 2015 Judiciary Report articles prior to Comey's press conference yesterday, the word this site repeatedly used to describe her is "careless" (The Hacked Emails Of Former U.S. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Up For Sale On The Black Market and The Communist Block Accessed Hillary Clinton's Unencrypted Emails and Government Investigators Raise The Tally Of Unprotected Hillary Clinton Classified Emails From 2 To 150) In FBI Director Comey's subsequent press conference, the word he emphasized in describing Clinton is "careless."

I've had firsthand experience in seeing the FBI's corruption for over a decade, after they called me in for an interview regarding Hillary Clinton and Madonna's private investigator Anthony Pellicano. I've seen this before at the Department of Justice (in 2009). When one U.S. government department says they will leave a matter to the discretion of another and concur with whatever they find, it means the outcome is already rigged to protect an entity like the Department of Justice and or its Inspector General. Then, last week Lynch came forward and says she will leave the case to the discretion of the FBI, who was already told by Obama to drop the case, even though it is valid and serious.

FBI Director Comey's press conference yesterday morning regarding the criminally "careless" mishandling of classified information by questionable presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, told the world all it needed to know to brand the agency "corrupt." The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice have brought the U.S. government into domestic and international disrepute via the press conference, in a manner that will go down in world history in an indelibly negative way. The offenses that occurred during Clinton's time as Secretary of State, under President Barack Obama, are quite serious and proves she is unfit to be America's head of state.

James Comey disgraced himself and the U.S. government yesterday during the deceitful, corrupt press conference that appalled millions of Americans and global citizens. He sold out the government's name for a crooked politician, Hillary Clinton. No one will ever believe him again. The American people are openly stating he has been bought by the Clintons.

1.) Clinton illegally used several private email servers in violation of U.S. law, to conduct State Department business, during her tenure as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. Clinton's emails were hacked by communist nations America deems enemies. Clinton's criminal negligence constitutes violations of the U.S. "Espionage Act."

2.) Clinton destroyed evidence via deleting 30,000 emails that incriminated her, in trying to pervert the course of justice. In doing so, Clinton engaged in criminal "obstruction of justice."

3.) Clinton committed perjury in lying to Congress stating none of the emails she sent via private servers, in violation of government procedures and protocols, were classified. FBI Director Comey revealed yesterday that 36 email chains did indeed contain classified information. Once again, Clinton committed the crime of "perjury." She should have invoked her 5th Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination, but Clinton decided her cajones were big that day and decided to lie her butt off.

4.) Clinton also lied to the FBI about the nature of her emails, swearing left, right and center, none of the items contained classified materials. Once again, yesterday Director Comey revealed 36 email chains were classified. Lying to the FBI is a federal offense under 18 USC 1001.

Hillary Clinton and Obama wasting U.S. taxpayer money on Air Force one via campaigning for her, which has an appearance of impropriety and financial misappropriation. The American taxpayer should not be underwriting Clinton's travel plans in her rigged bid to become president, which has seen her disenfranchise American voters through voter fraud at rival Bernie Sanders' expense.

I was informed by a very credible source responsible for some of my site exclusives, nearly 300 of which have since proven true, that "Comey was forced to" drop the case against Clinton, by President Obama and his cohorts. The Clintons requested Obama's help and it was granted in the form of putting pressure on Lynch and Comey to drop the case. This meddlesome misconduct is criminal. They should have resigned rather than betray their oath of office, justice and the American people.

They have disgraced the justice system for a woman who is an outright criminal and did so in clear sight of the nation and the world, who are condemning their brazenly corrupt actions. It set off a domestic and international backlash online, slamming the U.S. government, particularly the FBI. Americans took to Twitter and other online outlets to repeatedly proclaim the FBI and DOJ are "corrupt" and "the system is rigged." Americans lost faith in the U.S. government yesterday and in a very noticeable way, over someone who isn't worth it (Clinton).

Many people slammed Comey, stating he openly lied and defied the law, corruptly rigging a federal criminal investigation to let lawbreaking Hillary Clinton off the hook. The FBI's name is gone. So is the name of the DOJ. Comey contradicted himself and brought shame on the law by stating, "This is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences." Comey has prosecuted General Petraeus and various members of the military for doing far less than the crimes Clinton committed with classified information, where the damage was nowhere near as great.

Thanks to Clinton, the communist bloc has a massive amount of American top secret files. They must have thought it was their birthdays when said files fell into their laps, thanks to Clinton's criminal negligence. Their hackers really didn't have to work for it either, as Clinton's personal email servers had no anti-virus, no anti-spyware and no firewall.

Bill Clinton

In Comey stating others who engage in the same conduct Clinton did will be prosecuted, he proved what the Judiciary Report has stated on this site for years, even days before the announcement, America has a two tier justice system - laws that apply to the middle class and poor do not apply to the rich (Corruption And Loopholes In The American Justice System Empowering Criminals To Further Victimize Victims).

Due to yesterday's events, Americans are openly calling the U.S. government "rigged." I've stated for years things have become rigged in America. The bribe taking judges in the court system, even the Supreme Court takes bribes, the FBI, the DOJ, the stock market, telephone systems, mobile phone systems, the U.S. mail, select U.S. lotteries, the Google search engine, music charts, the U.S. box office, ratings systems, the Oscars, the Grammys. Regrettably, much of life in America has become rigged. Even a number of press outlets (not all of them) covering up what the government does not want the public to know. They actively suppress stories on the orders of the government.

Even the 2016 U.S. election is being rigged by the Bilderberg Group, Rothschild family and Clinton's Wall Street donors who have given her millions of dollars for so-called speeches, in an effort to get Hillary Clinton into the White House, as she will do whatever they say, which is good for the very rich, but terrible for the poor and middle class. Bernie Sanders would have been a better choice.

The Bilderberg group is a secret, clandestine meeting of very wealthy people that takes place each year, in an effort to direct the economic future of the world. The Rothschild family own much of the central banks in the world. They control a chunk of the world's wealth and have wreaked havoc in trying to maintain that unhealthy, undemocratic, greedy financial stranglehold that was created through the outright criminal deceit, lying and fraud of their thieving ancestor, Nathan Rothschild. The Rothschilds are responsible for a significant amount of human suffering in this world since the 1800s and they have Clinton in their back pocket.

Clinton is highly corrupt and living off her husband's name and legacy. That's how she got the job as Secretary of State. Now she is using his name and legacy in a bid to be president, a job she is grossly unqualified for in many ways. A good head of state has to be disciplined, methodical and clinical on matters of national security. Clinton does not have those traits.

Clinton messed up as Governor's Wife in Arkansas with a number of scandals springing from it.

Clinton messed up as First Lady of the United States, with a number of scandals springing from it.
Clinton messed up as Secretary of State, which resulted in fatalities (Benghazi) and a big scandal for criminally spying on the United Nations.

Clinton has no original ideas. All she does is mimic others words and ideas. Sometimes she goes so far as to resort to commissioned invasion of privacy to gain ideas she spouts off during speeches (illegal wiretapping and computer and email hacking, as was seen with Clinton's private investigator Anthony Pellicano, in behavior she still engages in to this day). Other times Clinton just kept mimicking Bernie Sanders like a mindless parrot who can't think for herself.