Friday, July 15, 2016

Dish Nation TV Show Slams Madonna As A 'Crazy' Madwoman For Stating She Is Moving To The White House And Can't Wait To Redecorate (Hillary Clinton)

Dish Nation
The "Dish Nation" show recently slammed washed up pop star Madonna, labeling her a "crazy" lunatic for posts on Twitter and Instagram stating, "My future home. Can't wait to redecorate." The "Dish Nation" hosts openly laughed at Madonna, literally shaking their heads at her insanity in claiming she is going to live at and "redecorate" the White House, presumably with Hillary Clinton or during her own bid for the presidency (LOL).

Someone posted these items online regarding madwoman Madonna's comments about moving to the White House, which was massively mocked by Dish Nation, who branded her insane
The sad fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton dislikes Madonna, who has behaved like a complete and total leech where she is concerned. Madonna has brought Clinton negative attention via her crazy claims and constant namedropping. Baby stealing, human rights abusing Madonna is psychotic and a political liability. You know what they say, "You are the company you keep."