Friday, July 15, 2016

David Cameron Resigns As British Prime Minister, Theresa May Is Appointed The New PM And Boris Johnson Foreign Minister

David Cameron and family
British Prime Minister, David Cameron, today handed in his resignation. The fallout from the Brexit vote to leave the European Union, which was the opposite of what he campaigned for, resulted in his resignation. Me personally, I would not have resigned. But to each his own. Theresa May, the former Foreign Minister (Home Secretary), is now the Prime Minister of Britain. She is the second female Prime Minister in British history. Two weeks ago, before this rounded out and May was the only one left standing to be the new Prime Minister, I tweeted on Twitter that she reminds me of Margaret Thatcher (see tweet at end of article).

Theresa May and husband Philip May
May has appointed former London mayor, Boris Johnson, the new Foreign Minister. Whether you agree with May's political views, it is best that political parties in Britain work together for the good of the country.  Cameron's primary mistake was the joint press conference with President Barack Obama, who basically threatened the British public stating do what I say in this vote or I will financially punish Britain by pushing the nation "to the back of the queue" in trade deals. It was an odious comment to make and was ill-received. 

David Cameron's tearful daughter
People behind the leave campaign in Britain credit Obama with getting the vote through to leave the European Union, which is the exact opposite of what the president demanded the British people do. Obama repeatedly abused the "special relationship" between Britain and America, in conduct other modern American presidents simply did not do. An international visit from Obama has proven political poison to several world heads of state, who ended up leaving shortly after or being voted out. Hence the Politico article "Politico: How The World Fell Out Of Love With Obama."

The Camerons leaving 10 Downing Street for the last time
I am not of the belief Britain has cause to panic over Brexit. If you needlessly give off fear and panic, people will pick up on that and act accordingly regarding investments and trade. I know London quite well. I also know some of the home counties in England. Britain is a stable, civil place with a lot going for it. There are many financial opportunities available in Britain, which is a large, prosperous nation with a strong economy. London, the nation's centerpiece, is a beautiful, bustling city that is a center of commerce and entertainment for many all over the world. 

My tweet two weeks ago regarding Theresa May reminding me of Britain's first female prime minister Margaret Thatcher
Hold your heads up and be determined in your resolve to succeed and grow as a nation. Stop apologizing for being British in trying to fit in more with Europe. And for the record, there's nothing wrong with European, it is great as well. Each nation should be unreservedly proud of their country. There's nothing wrong with being proud of where you come from.