Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Obama Supports Lawbreaking N-Word Using Madonna (Photos)

This photo will live in infamy in world history when it is revealed all the sick crimes Madonna has been committing with her cult the Kabbalah Center...that Obama knows about. Madonna's bad plastic surgery is showing up again. She looks like a muppet in the picture.
U.S. President, Barack Obama, took photos with lawbreaking, so-called singer Madonna, affirming his support for the abusive criminal. Madonna has gone around offending black people in using the n-word ("n*gger"), offensively ordering the n-word be emailed in a death threat, committed sexual assault on a minor on stage in criminal violation of the law, choked an 11-year-old boy in an act of assault in New York, fleeced cancer sufferers with Kabbalah water and commissioned a host of crimes against innocent people [Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans - Part 2 (MURDER)]

However, as stated on this site previously, due to massive campaign donations and bribes, Madonna has not been arrested for said felonious behavior (Madonna already been caught and outed for bribing judges in America and Malawi). For the right fee, Obama will let you get away with murder - literally - but God doesn't. Many people have stated to me that the government needs to throw Madonna in prison for the crimes she committed in this case. However, the U.S. justice system is completely corrupted (just look at the Brock Turner case). If there's one thing Obama is good at, it's covering for and standing with criminals - just ask Hillary Clinton.