Sunday, June 12, 2016

200,000 New Homes Being Built In London In Response To Population Boom Needs To Go To Britons Who Really Need It

Last year, the local government in London, England announced 200,000 new homes will be built, in an effort to ease the massive requests for housing in the city of 10,000,000 people. It's not that London does not have homes, as there are millions of well built properties in the city. However, due to mass immigration over the past several years from the Middle East, Africa and Britain joining the EU (huge influx from Europe) there simply aren't enough homes in London. There's nothing wrong with immigration, as long as it is accompanied by assimilation. 

Many need to realize that everyone can't afford London, as real estate prices have soared over the past decade due to the sizeable increase in immigration and should move to the lovely home counties in England, which is not far from the capital. I've been to Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire, which all look great. 

The government's new pledge to build 200,000 new homes, a promise that is already underway, needs to have sale guidelines. Many foreign investors have been buying up homes in London, England, due to their value. However, locals who have lived in London, England for many years, are citizens who are not rich, should get first option on buying the affordable new homes. 

If the houses end up being bought up by big investors, often in cash sales, they will be flipped for big prices, in events that will not remedy the housing shortage. The homes and any government subsidies granted towards purchase, should be income restricted to ensure hardworking Britons, who aren't wealthy local or foreign investors, get the properties. It would be beneficial to Britons if the affordable housing initiative helps the working class become homeowners, which is a great thing.