Friday, May 27, 2016

Prince's Ex-Girlfriend States He And Madonna Were Not Friends Despite What She Tries To Claim Now


Prince: no they don't have Madonna on stage singing my song off key, voice cracking like her face
Anna Fantastic, the British ex-girlfriend of the late singer, Prince, unmasked Madonna's opportunistic Billboard Music Awards tribute to the star that was roundly slammed all over the internet as abysmal and terrible. Madonna has been trying to give the impression she and Prince were great friends, when industry insiders know better.

Prince: at least they had Stevie there!

Fantastic stated, "You know I was there when they recorded their duet together, Love Song and she really wanted to do a music video and he refused. I think he liked the song, but didn't want to do a video. I even said, 'I think you and Madonna in a video could be really cool,' and he said, 'Me and Madonna in a video? No thanks.' 'She (Madonna) also said, 'I'm going through a lot right now with my divorce with Sean.' And he said, 'What has your divorce with Sean got to do with me or this song? I'm not doing a video with you.' They didn't seem like really good friends.' Last year she wanted to do a tour with him and he said something like, 'it's too much, the world can't handle this' or, 'it's too much for the world to handle right now', but he had a great sense of humour."

With all the friends he has in the music industry who care about him, she was one of the last people that should have been on stage doing a self-centered, attention seeking tribute. Using a visually impaired man, Stevie Wonder, for public sympathy, in the wake of all the terrible press she has been receiving, was low and pathetic. Some people will do anything for attention and publicity, including exploit the dead.


Prince 'refused to film video to his '80s duet with Madonna', according to his ex-girlfriend Anna Fantastic

Published: 03:58 EST, 25 May 2016 | Updated: 10:05 EST, 25 May 2016 - Madonna's musical tribute to her late friend Prince at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards was savaged on social media. And according to the pop star's ex-girlfriend Anna Fantastic, he may not have been too impressed if he would have seen it. English singer and model Anna dated and lived with Prince in the late '80s when he recorded a duet with Madonna for the latter's album Like A Prayer...