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The Problems Chris Brown And Kyrie Irving Are In Is Proof It Is A Bad Idea Trapping A Man With Pregnancy


Andrea Wilson demanding more money from Kyrie Irving

This is a follow up to the July 9, 2013 Judiciary Report article "The Dangers Of Trapping A Man With Pregnancy In Trying To Make Him Stay." Since the time I wrote and published the article, some interesting developments have transpired regarding high profile famous men and women, who later trapped them via pregnancy, in what has become bitter social and legal battles. And if a certain male celebrity that tracked me down twice in Miami, who also reads this column on a regular basis, had simply listened to the advice contained on the website, he would not be in the legal problems he faces today (*looks in Chris Brown's direction*).

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran before she dumped him for cheating

Famous men are often targeted by women for their fame and money. Some women decided to trap rich and famous men via pregnancy, hoping it will force them to marry them and make them wealthy too, but it is a bad idea that usually ends in heartbreak and resentment. Millionaire basketball player, Kyrie Irving and fellow multi-millionaire, singer Chris Brown, are two men who are experiencing this and it has brought them and the mothers of their children a world of pain, trouble and embarrassment. The mother of Irving's child is Andrea Wilson. The mother of Chris Brown's child is Nia Guzman.

Kyrie Irving

Sex between two people should be consensual. Just so, bringing a child into this world should also be consensual between both people. Trapping a man via pregnancy, scheming and summarily deciding on your own that you are going to get pregnant without telling him, is wrong. A baby is supposed to be conceive in love, not through casual sex with someone you don't love who is scheming to trap you for money and to show off to the world they are the mother of your child. God doesn't like ugly. As the Bible states, "Be sure your sins will find you out" "what is done in the dark will come to light" and "you reap what you sow."

Andréa Wilson before giving birth to Irving's daughter

Some women see it as winning when they break up a couple via trapping a man via pregnancy, but why would you want someone who loves someone else. You should be happy for people in love and let them have a chance to be happy in their relationship. Getting pregnant for a man to force the love of his life out of the picture, is not getting an edge on her, but making him resent you.

Kyrie Irving and Kehlani

As the rap group Outkast stated in the song "Ms. Jackson" a child is "not a paycheck." Both Kyrie and Chris are in protracted legal battles with the mothers of their children whom they've ditched to date others and it has become bitter and ugly. Both women want to live the high life off the celebrities they have trapped via pregnancy, which is inappropriate. It's called child support. Not mother support.

Chris Brown's daughter Royalty and her mom Nia Amey

I remember multi-millionaire comedian Steve Harvey made a joke regarding a child support request he was hit, demanding several thousand dollars per month to which he humorously stated, "Why? Is my baby on crack?!" However, there is truth to his statements regarding how much money some women demand in child support.

Chris Brown slams the mother of his child for being greedy

Guzman greedily demanded $20,000 per month in child support from Brown, who was giving her $2,000 for their baby that he keeps for two weeks in every month. Wilson has been embarrassingly complaining in court that she should be able to spend the child support money on herself too and she wants more cash from Irving every month. Wilson also publicly complained that Irving is spending more time with his new girlfriend, singer Kehlani, than his baby daughter (Irving and Kehlani have since broken up for unrelated reasons and other women are pursuing him again such as Instagram model India Love). Wilson began slamming Irving's new girlfriend Kehlani on Instagram out of jealousy, seeing how close the two had become.

Karrueche Tran dumps Chris Brown for cheating

Some women target rich and famous men to trap them with pregnancy, in wanting to force them to marry them, give them significant sums of money and to have bragging rights that their offspring's dad is a celebrity. Then it turns ugly and embarrassing when the famous man they tried to trap starts publicly seeing other women.


Chris Brown (right) confronted Tran trying to get her back, but she started crying and walked away

Neither Irving or Brown love the mother of their children and have ditched them (which has and continues to happen to women in other situations who trap famous men via pregnancy). It was not love. It was meaningless, casual sex for the men. They hadn't even publicly owned up to having sex with the women, until they forced their collective hand, by going to the press about the secret babies. Why anyone would want to claim or brag about an embarrassing situation like that, I don't know. It is better for a woman to find a man who loves and wants to commit to her and being a father, than to subject herself and her offspring to that.

Andréa Wilson and her daughter for Kyrie Irving

Forcing a baby on a man is not going to make him love you or stick around. Men resent that. Men get especially resentful of the mother of their child if it costs them the woman they actually love, as seen with Chris Brown, who knocked up, Nia Guzman, leading to the love of his life, Karrueche Tran, publicly dumping him. Brown still has not gotten over losing Tran. He still asks about her, writes songs concerning her and tries to get her back.

Andrea Wilson, the mother of Kyrie Irving's child, slams his new girlfriend, Kehlani out of jealousy

Many of Brown's fans also slammed him for cheating on her, getting another woman pregnant and for a time hiding the pregnancy. Then Brown saw Guzman's true colors when she went to a gossip site and blabbed his business out of revenge to embarrass him (but it backfired). Guzman was angry Brown wouldn't commit to her, kept dating other women and would not give her $20,000 per month (look at that, Tran hadn't gone to the press and blabbed Brown's business, though she could have done so for big money).

Fetty Wap slams Masika for trapping him with a pregnancy he first stated the fruit thereof was not his child

What Guzman didn't plan on regarding her tell all to TMZ was Brown's fans not only slamming him, which damaged his career, but slamming her as well. Brown's fans immediately branded Guzman a groupie and gold digger. Brown became angry and began slamming her as well for airing his private business, destroying his relationship with Tran, who he wanted to be the mother of his children and cost him some of his fans. It made a massive mess.

Fetty Wap slams Masika on Twitter after he finds out about her pregnancy and his child

Tran stated it plainly on social networking when she dumped Brown for cheating that she does not want to be involved with any "baby drama." And that's her right. Some women want to start a family with a man who does not have children, to keep their family unit as one household. And that's their right. Some women do not want to have to deal with a man who has a baby mama for other reasons, as it can get very acrimonious and bitter. It's not that they do not love children. It's because some women know what other women can be like when they realize the man they have a child with does not want them and is in love with someone else they plan to get serious with and potentially marry.

Masika slams Fetty Wap on Instagram

Another example is rapper Fetty Wap. He had casual sex with reality star, Masika, who trapped him with pregnancy as the new hot rapper making money. However, when she went public with it, Fetty Wap and his fans slammed her online, branding her a gold digger and groupie. The whole thing was embarrassing. At first Fetty Wap was denying it was even his baby. Fetty Wap is in love with another woman and resented Masika trapping him, which opened her up to a world of embarrassment and humiliation after she went public with it.

Fetty Wap slams Masika for trapping him with pregnancy for his money and fame. Fetty Wap also called her a "groupie" in an interview with E! News, "I didn't see Fetty or a paternity test confirm this allegation. Masika is known for being an industry jump-off, and her lil announcement was very calculated."

Some men are also not ready to be fathers and will resent a woman for forcing fatherhood on them. There are also other problems that emanate from that as well. Women who trap men with pregnancies do not properly think about the child in the long run. When the man gets serious with and or marries another woman and they have a family, he is going to spend more time in his home with his new children, than with your child who lives with you. Growing up, your child will end up feeling left out at various points, even when the father is in their life via visits. Your child will not get the attention and love they deserve. Due to the internet, your child will also hear and read about the circumstances of their birth and feel very bad about it. Women need to think about it before they go trapping me with pregnancies.

Fetty Wap and Masika arguing online

Women also need to think about this: many famous men that were once rich have gone broke and or ended up disgraced. What if the man you trapped via pregnancy suddenly goes broke. How will you support your child. How will the child handle the disgrace surrounding his father's name if he ends up in some kind of trouble due to poor decisions (see: O.J. Simpson).

Masika wants Fetty Wap's money

When you chose to date someone, it should be because you are in love with and care about them. Not because they are rich or famous, two circumstances that can easily disappear. No man could possibly feel good knowing a woman chose them because they are rich and famous, then deliberately trapped them via a pregnancy they did not agree to in any measure.

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