Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Former Shop Girl Rmarni Upset At Online Comments About Floyd Mayweather Dumping Her

Rmarni posted this item to Instagram yesterday sounding depressed and suicidal over comments being made about her and Mayweather

Former shop girl, Rmarni, is upset at online comments about Floyd Mayweather dumping her after a 5-week romance. I said this would happen the minute he started dating her (Floyd Mayweather Spotted With A New Girlfriend In London Upsetting His Current One In Las Vegas) as Mayweather is not serious about these side chicks. I heard Rmarni is angry Mayweather won’t make her his main chick. This became a problem for her. His main chick is still Bad Medina. 

Floyd Mayweather and Rmarni

Rmarni willingly became one of Mayweather’s side chicks, but she thought it would turn into a career in entertainment for her, like his ex-fiancĂ©e, Shantel Jackson (but that happened through Jackson's boyfriend Nelly). Instead, Rmarni is back in Dudley, England looking sad over her career as a rapper not launching. She is writing suicidal items online, which is regrettable. She is angry regarding the social networking comments she finds upsetting, but she embarrassed her boyfriend when she ran off with Mayweather and now it has come back to her.

Gisselle, Floyd Mayweather and Rmarni

In an article posted to the site on Monday (Floyd Mayweather Has Dumped Shop Girl Rmarni) the Judiciary Report stated there are studios in London, England that Rmarni can use to record music. What she needs to do is sell the designer clothes Mayweather bought her and use it to get some music made. As it stands, her Instagram page is just photos of her posing and joking around. It takes way more than that to break into the rap music industry.