Saturday, April 30, 2016

ESPN Article Explores Athletes Dangerous Practice Of Finding Women On Social Networking For Random Sex (It Goes Down In The DM)

Screen cap regarding ESPN news story about athletes using social networking to find women for random sex (Credit: Industry On Blast)
ESPN published an article on professional athletes using social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram to find women for sex. It is a dangerous habit some men are engaging in and it has gotten a number of them into trouble. It can cost you your health, career and name (the latter two to scandal that goes public). There are an estimated 40,000,000 people living with HIV. It is dangerous to engage in sex with random strangers. No one is too special for HIV. Even babies have it (transmission during birth in countries with less medical resources) and who is more special than a baby.

Women also need to be careful. You're sitting there thinking you're special, when you're not the only one he is approaching online for sex. He tells you to keep the hook up private, by not going public to protect his privacy. However, he is fooling different women into thinking they are the only one and don't want them all to know about each other.

It eventually turns into desperate side chicks fighting online, with some trying to trap famous men with a pregnancy they are not ready for and end up resent you for. All this occurs in an effort to nab a man who is not serious about them. Then they get stung with child support payments that destroys their bank accounts. Some women will also run from them, deeming they have a baby mama (or baby mamas) trying to eliminate all the competition, which is something many women do not want to deal with. This keeps happening in entertainment and sports, resulting in broken lives. Promiscuity is dangerous.