Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Madonna And Cheating Jay Z Meddling In People’s Relationships And Marriages Causing Break-Ups

Jay Z

Convicted felon and rapper 52-year-old, Jay Z and crazy 57-year-old pop singer, Madonna, both members of the Kabbalah Center, have been engaging in very disgraceful conduct regarding people in the entertainment and sports industries. The two greedy, vindictive celebrities, clearly have too much time on their hands, as they've been perversely meddling in people's friendships, relationships, marriages and business relationships, for nefarious reasons. Most people as they age, spend more time with their family and friends doing constructive things. However, Jay Z and Madonna's minds are suspended in adolescence and steeped in perversion to be doing such vile things. 

Jay Z,  real name Shawn Carter, is married to singer Beyonce (nee Knowles). However, that doesn't stop him from frequently cheating on her. Jay Z is repeatedly auditioning women, telling them he will make them entertainment or sports stars, but via the casting couch. Jay Z has slept with Rihanna, Rita Ora and Tierra Mari, among others, after promising to make them rich and famous.

Jay Z continues to have sex with young, naive hopefuls who want to become rich and famous. He tells them he will make them the new Beyonce and they fall for it. Jay Z has also pursued other famous women as well (Keyisha Cole, Mya). He further tried to have sex with indie rapper, Liv, in Miami, promising he would make her famous in exchange for being one of his mistresses. 

Jay Z and Rita Ora

One of the famous women rebuffed Jay Z and out of revenge, the rapper, who has a massive ego and small brain, sent Rita Ora after the woman's boyfriend as a way to destroy the couple's relationship and hurt the lady that rebuffed him. It denotes mental illness to do and or participate in such a thing. It is absolutely sick, abhorrent and perverted.

Rihanna and Rita Ora are basically two prostitutes Jay Z uses to get industry favors, songs, videos, promotional opportunities and deals. Jay Z began sending them to have sex with singers, producers, songwriters, industry executives, basketball players, baseball players, boxers and race car drivers, in trying to get the talent to sign with his inept, thieving Roc Nation company.  

Skylar Diggins
Jay Z has also been after pretty athlete, Skylar Diggins, giving her gifts and signing her to Roc Nation, which hasn't done much for her career these past three years (Blogs Question Jay-Z's Flirtatious Conduct Towards Skylar Diggins As Betraying Beyonce While She's On Tour). He is obsessed with her. So obsessed is he that Jay Z began meddling in Diggins' relationship with her boyfriend in trying to break up their relationship. Jay Z tried sending someone after Diggins' boyfriend. Keep in mind, Jay Z is a married man, so this perverse, meddlesome behavior is all the worse. However, being married never stopped Jay Z from repeatedly and publicly going in the same hotel as his drug addicted, alcoholic protégé, Rihanna, behind his wife's back, to the point people reported it online and it ended up on credible sites. 

This chronic cheating is what led to the awful, blow out, well publicized fight between Jay Z and sister-in-law Solange in the elevator. Jay Z was squeezing and hugging Rihanna in public, then told his wife and sister-in-law, he would not be coming home with them, but going to Rihanna's after party with her. Solange began punching and kicking Jay Z for the blatant acts of disrespect against his wife, in cheating with others (Jay Z's Sister-In-Law Solange Beats Him Up In Elevator While Wife Beyonce Stands By Watching With A Smile).

Jay Z and Rihanna

Jay Z also meddled in the marriage of a famous male, bald, glasses wearing business executive in the recording industry, out of sheer spite regarding not financially getting what he wanted out of a contract. The mean spirited rapper sent people to sexually pursue the man's wife, who had done Jay Z no harm (neither did the executive). 

The executive rightly thought the deal was not worth the type of money Jay Z was crazily demanding (he has a habit of overvaluing deals, which is a federal crime as investors ended up cheated and defrauded "Jay Z Lies In New York Post Article About Samsung Paying Rihanna And Roc Nation $25,000,000 For Tour" and "Samsung Issues Statement Revealing Rumors About Them Buying Tidal Are Untrue"). Meddling in the executive's home life revealed how deeply depraved Jay Z's mind is and how out of touch with reality he has become in Hollywood to think this is acceptable behavior. It is repugnant.


Madonna is also actively meddling in other people's relationships and lashing out at men and women who reject her. Madonna thinks she looks like Megan Fox or Christie Brinkley and men are supposed to be falling at her feet. However, comments on social networking and website feedback sections indicate men find Madonna hideous. Hence Madonna constantly paying men to date her. Legendary singer, Tina Turner and supermodel, Christie Brinkley, have people fawning over their good looks. 
Madonna has people traumatized and quickly closing browser windows by the way she looks. 

Madonna has been actively prying into the lives of entertainers and athletes in their 20s and 30s who do not want her. These young men (and women) are interested in and dating other people. Yet here comes this madwoman Madonna wrecking havoc on their relationships, engaging in disgraceful conduct such as sending young, promiscuous people after their significant others in bids at breaking them up (years ago, she was sued for this misconduct by a married man in Miami she targeted that rejected her).

There's a young athlete Madonna has become so obsessed with, she insanely sent a member of her violent Kabbalah Center cult to show up on his poor, innocent mom's doorstep at his elderly mother's private residence, knocking on the door, demanding to get in the property. He was livid when he found out. Keep in mind, Madonna does not know this man, he has a girlfriend and young children that he deeply cares for, yet she did this madness to him, alarming the professional athlete (and his family) who want nothing to do with her or the Kabbalah Center.  

Kabbalah Cult members Madonna and Beyonce
Madonna caused problems in the marriage of Miami baseball star, Alex Rodriguez and it led to divorce. Based on what I was informed, Rodriguez never found Madonna attractive and thought her unbalanced for wanting to get pregnant for him at nearly 50 (the well connected person who told me about it at the time stated "it would take a miracle"). Rodriguez's friends and family stated on the record and in court papers that Madonna and the Kabbalah Center were using her music (repetitively playing it around him) in bids at brainwashing him into liking her, but it didn't work (cults use repetitive phrases and music in brainwashing people). 

When Rodriguez would not divorce his wife, Madonna began calling up women who were actually attractive and telling them to pursue him and in ways that his wife would know, in trying to break up his marriage. It's pretty pathetic when you unethically want to break up someone's relationship but are too unattractive to get the job done. Yea, I said it.

Regardless, Madonna and Jay Z should be ashamed of themselves with this mentally deranged, meddlesome behavior. People work hard on their relationships and marriages and it should not be subjected to such perverse interference from people who should not even be in the picture. They wouldn't find it amusing if others did that to them and considering how unattractive they both look, it would be relatively easy. 


Beyonce's uncle already stated she married Jay Z for the sake of her career and to make more money as a famous couple. Beyonce's uncle revealed in an interview that she thought Jay Z "ugly" when she met him. Their marriage is a business deal. Even comedians joke in stand up routines and at awards shows publicly asking how someone that looks like Jay Z got Beyonce. Never mind Jay Z thinks he is fine like Denzel Washington (you're not).

Jay Z keeps imposing on Rihanna for sex, when she is not attracted to him either. Rihanna is still hung up on singer Chris Brown and only likes pretty boys who look like him (light skinned, curly hair, muscular). Jay Z had repeatedly interfered in Rihanna's relationship with Brown as well, as he was jealous. The meddling wasn't for her welfare, as people in the industry saw her hit him on occasions (the two later had a terrible fight after a pre-Grammy party). Many people in the industry realized how in love Rihanna was (and is) with Brown, who didn't have to give her gifts and career opportunities for sex, whereas Jay Z had to repeatedly do so. I've been right about them in the past and I am right about this article as well based on what I have seen and heard (see exclusives page of the site for many scoops on the people in this article that later proved completely true). 

I don't understand people who deliberately meddle in other people's relationships, with the goal of breaking things up. If two people want to be together, who are you to try to destroy that. I am happy for people who find love. Therefore, I don't understand others who try to get into other people's business with the goal of breaking up their relationships. It's sick. If someone doesn't want you, leave them alone. If someone doesn't want you in their life, stop trying to force your way in.