Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Virgin Airlines Twitter Account Tells Rapper Kanye West To 'Eat A Di*k'

Kanye West

Rapper, Kanye West, has been going on several rants on the social networking website Twitter. It has led to the rapper becoming the butt of many jokes on the site. However, an employee handling the Virgin Airlines Australia website snapped and couldn't take anymore of Kanye's irritating, braggadocios tweets, such as proclaiming himself the greatest artist of all time.  

Virgin Australia tweet slamming Kanye West

Virgin Airlines apology over the tweet

The Virgin Airlines Australia Twitter page tweeted at Kanye, "EAD you douche." EAD stands for "Eat a di*k" (based on rumors of his bisexuality and former lover in Italy, Kanye already has). Virgin quickly deleted the tweet and apologized for any offense it caused the public. However, it was too late, as the public became angry and voiced their displeasure...that the tweet was deleted. How embarrassing for Kanye, but it should serve as a warning to him that he needs to rein in his crazy antics and arrogant boasts.