Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Twitter Is Being Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center To Read Private DMs And Adjust Friend Counts


This article relates to the lawsuit I filed against Madonna and her sick cult the Kabbalah Center. Here is a snapshot of another deranged member of the Kabbalah Center, Yehuda Berg, following me on Twitter. This is one of Madonna's hackers.

The social networking website Twitter is great. It has approximately 325,000,000 users worldwide. The website is very entertaining and informative. However, some of the site's users, namely the Kabbalah Center and its equally mentally ill members, have been using the hackers they have on staff at the cult to hack into Twitter.

They have also created hundreds of fake accounts on Twitter to promote the Kabbalah Center and its members and harass people they deem their rivals and enemies. Hackers employed by the Kabbalah Center have been hacking select accounts to spy on people, read their DMs and to adjust the friend count via mass unfollowing people on others' accounts. When you unfollow someone on Twitter, they will most likely unfollow you back. That's generally how Twitter works.

Not only are Kabbalah Center members such as Madonna buying Twitter followers (well over half of Madonna's followers are bought from "Buy Followers" services) the deranged Hollywood cult who was at the center of a massive criminal spying case (Anthony Pellicano criminal case) are targeting the backend of Twitter in trying to read DMs of people they are obsessed with, to see who they are privately talking to on the site. This is not fair to Twitter.

Twitter had sent me an email stating my page was hacked and to change my password, which I had realized due to strange things Madonna's hackers were doing while I was logged in (like when I would follow someone back, they would quickly unfollow the person back right before my eyes or they'd freeze up the page via issuing script errors in trying to stop me from following people back).

The obsessed, deranged Kabbalah Center broke into my Twitter account on Madonna's instructions, as my page has been getting too popular and she is upset about that. Mainstream press articles have stated regarding social media, friend counts are a symbol of popularity. It is used by the press and entertainment industry to gauge popularity of a person as well. Madonna and company became angry that I legitimately gained 30,000 followers without buying any followers using a service (as some have done and I don't have anything against people doing so, as it has become a business putting food on people's tables, but some big Twitter accounts are no longer accurate as a result).

Email from Twitter stating my account has been hacked
In an effort to counter my page's popularity, Madonna had her hackers break into my account and begin mass unfollowing people. Each time I log out of Twitter, I save my page as a snapshot, due to Madonna's Kabalah Center meddling in my page via hacking. When I hit 20,000 followers last year, Madonna's Kabbalah Center hacked my Twitter page and began mass unfollowing people, wanting them to unfollow me back, in a bid at driving down the number of people following me.

Last month when I hit 30,000 followers, Madonna's Kabbalah Center again hacked my page and began mass unfollowing people, wanting them to unfollow me back, in another bid at driving down the friend count. Over the past few weeks, via hacking, Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers have unfollowed approximately 700 people and at times I was not even logged in, in again trying to drive down my follower count. I know this because the snapshots I save of my Twitter page show the number of people I am following all of a sudden dropping by hundreds, when I was not even logged in at the time to unfollow anyone.

I'm on Twitter for fun. I retweet items I think will entertain or inform the people who are reading my Twitter page, in an effort to make them smile and laugh. Other items I retweet are educational to inform people reading my page of events happening in the world that are important and interesting. 
The fact Madonna and the Kabbalah Center are taking it so seriously and trying to wreak havoc testifies to their deranged mental state. Madonna is also insanely jealous. She got angry regarding me tweeting at male athletes, but I'm a sports fan (and I don't owe that nutcase any explanation). I love writing and talking about music, films and sports, among other things.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center rabbi, Yehuda Berg, who runs the cult with her, has been following me on Twitter. Berg is a very violent man who has been sued for sexually assaulting a female member of the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, California (Madonna’s Rabbi Yehuda Berg Sued For Sexual Assault And Threatening To Beat And Kill Student At The Kabbalah Center For Not Having Sex With Him). 

Madonna's has become perversely obsessed with my tweets and had her hackers break into my account and unfollow a famous British football player, who has been reading my Twitter page. I followed him because he's a very good athlete, knows about football and his tweets are hilarious. However, he and I don't know each other personally. It was all about sports. Madonna also targeted another British athlete regarding online tweets between me and him (despite the fact the tweets were about sports). Madonna became jealous, had the athlete contacted and threatened him, "We will make you sorry if you don't stop speaking to her."

All I was doing was trying to motivate the athlete in trying to help him win and make money to support himself and his mom for free (product ideas and other money earning promotional items and he used them and made money). I had even spoken to my dad for advice to help him, as the athlete had just turned pro. My dad is a former pro athlete and coached football and cricket for years. He also knows a massive amount about other sports, sports technology, hiring a good team and how to recover from injuries. Madonna got mad at the whole thing that was none of her business to begin with. The public needs to be careful regarding Madonna and her Kabbalah cult. Stay away from them. They are sick in the head and doing very illegal things.

Hackers playing around on the backend of Twitter can inadvertently take wrong turns and cause site outages. Twitter is a big website and such an outage could take the site out and do irreparable damage to its servers and reputation. One day that cult is going to inadvertently take down the Twitter website and in doing so cause an international scandal.