Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Lyrical Ramblings Of Rappers Kanye West And Jay Z Reveal They Are Mentally Ill And Suffering From Delusions Of Grandeur

Kanye West

Mentally ill rapper, Kanye West, who has been making schizophrenic outbursts on social networking, has released a delusional song entitled "Closest Thing To Einstein." The song's lyrics state "This generation's closest thing to Einstein, so don't worry about me, I'm fine." It has to be one of the most idiotic lyrics I have ever read. Einstein was a brilliant physicist. West is not particularly intelligent and his name certainly does not belong in the same sentence as the renowned physicist. Jay Z, who is unintelligent, has also issued deluded lyrics referring to himself as a "genius" further stating, "Bill Gates, that's my peer." Jay Z has also equated himself with brilliant billionaires "Steve Jobs" and "Warren Buffet" who are legitimate geniuses.

There are scientists and doctors all over the world, who are geniuses doing lifesaving work so complex that West and Jay Z could not grasp it, not even for a second. Brilliant scientists in space making discoveries as well as highly intelligent doctors at hospitals performing complex brain and heart surgery. People like Ben Carson, Adrian Gibbs and Helen Sharman are geniuses. Not Jay Z and Kanye West, who choose to be ignorant. Yet West and Jay Z are running around calling themselves geniuses, while getting sued every 5-seconds for stealing other people's intellectual property (dozens of people have sued them for copyright theft). 


These crazies actually believe that foolishness they are spewing in these crappy songs. Their lyrics are unintelligible, profane garbage written on a 5th grade writing level. There is some form of mental problems there for Jay Z and West to be saying and believing these things. They are the worst cases of delusions of grandeur I have ever seen.

The problem with pop culture exalting this poor excuse for music is that it corrupts young minds and giving the next generation nothing of merit to strive for in life. Teens are not learning proper music or diction. Teens are not learning the advantages and importance of decency and education. They are being taught by example that all you have to do is steal from others and behave like debauched deviants and you will become rich and famous from breaking the law. There is a reason intelligent parents don't want their children listening to certain artists, as it promotes idiocy, degeneracy and delusions in youth.